Harddrive failures

By gsilva ·
I have been working on a computer for a friend and have a strange problem that is consistent on his end. Ok here are the steps that lead up to the problem.

1. His computer would not boot up so I pulled his harddrive out and connected it to mine via usb device. It would shut my machine down as soon as it found the drive. I tried the same drive on a laptop it too shutdown.

2. I bought a new WD 320 gig harddrive and installed it and loaded all his software on it. I ran it for 8 hours and rebooted several times since I was loading all the microsoft updates.

3. He took the computer home and plugged it in and it could not boot up since it could not find the harddrive. So he brought it back for me to look at.

4. I plugged it in and the bios could no longer see the drive. Even if I hooked it up via usb to my PC it could not be seen. So I received a new one from WD under warranty.

5. I installed the new one and added all the xp updates so again it was running for several hours and rebooted several times no problem.

6. He took it home and the excat same thing happened it would not boot up becasue it cannot see the drive.

I guess my question is what could be so different that it works great at my location but fails as sson as he plugs it in at his.

He is using a surge protector and also his own mouse, keyboard and monitor.

It is a Sony Viao but could not tell you the model number.


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Magnetic personality ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Harddrive failures

Where is he putting this Vaio when he gets it home?

Might there be the possibility that he's got it sitting in the magnetic field of something like an unshielded speaker (maybe BIG speakers) for audio impact.

I once had a User that killed several hard drives by holding notes and little bits of scribbled paper onto the case of his tower using FRIDGE MAGNETS !!

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Power Problems

by TheChas In reply to Harddrive failures

I would look at the power supply in the system, and look at the quality of the AC power at the users location.

The speed of the failure once the user takes the systems suggest that the system has an overloaded power supply along with very low or very high voltage on the AC power lines.

It could also be a LOT of noise on the AC power line.

If the AC mains voltage reads good and is stable, I would start with a good AC line filter. While a surge protector can keep large spikes out, a line filter removes random noise from the power line.


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