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Harddrive horror!

By AcidJazz ·
It has jsut turned 00:45 on sunday the 14th of march, yesterday i spent all day, and uptill now trying to fix a messed hardrive....
One month ago on the 13th i had a terrible systes crash and my harddrive was minced, data currpoted and files gone forever. i rebuilt - it was only the operating system on that drive and some progies so no worries. Now a month later the same has happened ON THE SAME DAY i am alittle suspicious of a virus, that neither norton or Mcaffee seems to pick up. However this time the drive that has ben targeted contins various video projects im working on, MP3 music files and other work related documents - when u click the drive in the Windows 95 interface the message "A device attached to the system is notfunctioning correctly" After trying several disk recovery programmes i am nowhere near a solutuon. I need this data back and I have a sneakingnsuspicion the FAT table has been nixed...
wot to do? - please help as i dont ahve 300quid to send it of to a professional reocvery center...
a distraught acid

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Firstly this would be better off in the Q & A Section

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Harddrive horror!

As there you would get auto-generated e-mails when ever any one answers you as well as most likely getting someone in you're time zone who knows what is happening in you're region of the world so you could get real time help.

But having said that if you can reconstruct the drives FAT tables you can then run Norton's from the CD to scan the drive for viruses that way there will be no "Memory Viruses" loaded before your attempt to scan the HDD in question. That may bring something to light but as you mentioned MP3 files if any of these where downloaded from the net it is possible that they may be infected with "Legal" viruses from the American Recording Industry which from my understanding are not picked up by any AV products on the market currently as they are put there to prevent anyone stealing the Record Industries property.

If you where to post what attempts have been made to recover the HDD there will no doubt be someone here that may have a better alternative for you to play with.


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by AcidJazz In reply to Firstly this would be bet ...

is there neway to get this whole thread shifted to the q n a section? neway ill try that norton thing wen i get in and let u know wot happened... ok wot else i tired all ostrs of stuff to fix the drive including trying to acsesss it from dos and linux as well as a host of recovery software proggies. Oh and btw i dnt think much of my MP3s r sketchy like that. I do own the CDs, but they r at home n here wiv me at uni. ones i ahve download have been classical music for projectrs n stuff... copyrites expired so itdnt matter as far as i know. neway thas wt i can say for now...

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I would like to know how you get on as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hmm

If you'd like to contact me thought the peer listings with a full list of all the software you've tried I might have some other options as well.


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I didn't realize just how hard

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Harddrive horror!

It was to find me in the "Peer Directory" so my e-mail address is


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