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    Harddrive Imaging to Disk


    by jrgeek ·

    What software does a bit to bit image from an OEM harddrive to DVD’s or CD’s and bootable much like the OEM recovery DVD or CD’s that come with new Windows installed computers.I have Acronis True Image Workstation 9.1

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      by jrgeek ·

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      None that I’m aware of

      by oh smeg ·

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      Those Recovery Disc’s are Slipstreamed and made but as you already have Acronis you can use that to make a Disc that can be reloaded in the event of something happening.

      The Systems that come with the ability to burn a Recovery Disc don’t do a Bit by Bit image of even the recovery Partition. 😉


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      by nimmo ·

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      Shadow Protect backs up at the sector level, and can do a hardware independent restore.

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      Acronis should be able to do the trick

      by el_duce ·

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      If you have the acronis bootcd, you can make the image fit on cd/dvd’s.

      start the pc with acronis and make the image by selecting your dvd-drive and check that acronis will split the .tib files in an amount that fits the dvd.

      To restore it is very much the same: boot and restore from cd/dvd

      I haven’t tried it before myself and just mayby you cannot take the acronis cd out, then i suggest to make a “bootcd” on a usb-stick

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