Harddrive Issues

I have a few used harddrives that I'm trying to make use of in a computer. The problem is that whenever I install one of them and turn on the computer the "just installed harddrive" prevents the other harddrive with OS from loading. I've tried all the jumper configurations and ribbion cable combinations I can think of and nothing works.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Harddrive Issues


Set the jumper on your HDD with the OS to master, Then set the jumper on the "new" HDD to slave.

Or connect the "new" drive to the second IDE port.


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Tried It

I've tried both of those methods and I still get the same problem.

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Re: Jumpers and a related External HDD problem. Can you Help?

by pagwu In reply to Jumpers

Perhaps you may have some opinion or trick to share with m HDD problem. I have a 300g NexStar external HD that my Toshiba Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium does not recognize. Could you please advise me what I can do to have my Laptop see the HD. Please provide step by step detail how to check for any recommendation that you want me to perform. Like checking for the correct usb hub, changing what to what and also how to/what to look for BIOS seetings. Hope you see were I am going wit this.


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by Rjae In reply to Re: Jumpers and a related ...

Have you tried setting both the Jumpers to Cable Select, this will allow your computer automatically determine which HDD is master or slave.

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shot in the dark

by krayzplaya In reply to Re: Jumpers and a related ...

aight i dont really mess wit vista cuz i dont like it yet, maybe afraid of change but anyways goin from my xp experience u shouldnt have to mess wit the jumpers on an external drive (really u shouldnt even be able to see them) im assumin its goin through the usb. will start off wit simple trial and error. make sure u turn on the harddrive first before u plug it in to the usb slot to see if it detecting it, also have u tried it on other computers to see if its just ur laptop that is not pickin it up, also in xp that have that "safely remove hardware" icon in the bottom right hand corner of your task bar next to your clock if u happen to see that click on it and see if it shows usb mass storage device when u hook up the external drive if it does leave the drve plugged in through the usb and try restartin it, and hopefully it should pop up automatically, hoped this helped


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cmos bios

by krayzplaya In reply to Harddrive Issues

i dont know if this would help

but from what it sounds like to me it is bootin the slave/second harddrive that doesnt have the os on it thus givin u the error, u might want to try goin into your bios and checkin on the boot sequence and change it to the hard drive wit the os that might help


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I found that the problem was that the harddrives were simply bad and they prevented the computer from starting. Thanks for your help.

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