Harddrive problem

By rhina11 ·
Hi, i am using del studio 14 ... my laptops internal harddisk is not reading.. when am turning on my laptop it gets stuck wth the del screen . i cant even enter into bios screen.. there is som important documents in hard drive. can anyone help me to recover the files ...

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Here it depends on what you have in the way of Security

by OH Smeg In reply to Harddrive problem

And how desperate you are to recover any Data on the HDD.

If you have any form of Encryption on the drive you are basically stuffed go straight to your Backup and get what you can from there and accept that you have lost the rest.

If you don't have any Encryption or Passwords on the Drive you can remove it from the unit plug it onto a USB to SATA/IDE Lead and read it that way. Though depending on what OS you where using on the NB and what OS is on the computer you are connected to you may be required to Take Ownership of the Files which is different for every OS so you'll need to read the Help Section of the OS you are using. A USB to SATA/IDE lead looks like the one shown here and is just for illustration purposes.


If you have Encrypted the Drive you will just see Garbage which is unreadable and useless to you which you can not break as it is there to prevent things like that from happening.

If you Must Recover the data you should remove the drive pack it up and send it to a Data Recovery Specalist who can work with Encrypted Drives and tell them exactly what it is you have done to the system before it failed in the way you set it up. Also you'll need to send it to a Recovery Specalist if the drive itself is faulty and is unreadable because of some sort of failure. Of course you'll need a Very Experienced and well established Data Recovery Specalist who can read direct from the Platters and it's not cheap.


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