harddrive start up problem

By baxt76 ·
I have rebuilt my computer, reloaded windows all well and good, I then re connected the other two hard drives I have one for music, one for films ect...
after resarting the system I am receiving an IDE boot system error load cd, I've checked the jumpers allthough I haven't changed anything from taking them from old pc.
Why wont it boot from the drive I've loaded and haven't un pluged since?
Have I missed something or am I just over loading the power supply or something as simple?

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Ok, give us a step by step list of what you have done..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to harddrive start up proble ...

Somewhere along the way something is missing. If you give us more details then we can help more. I:E, what kind of connectors are your hdd's (SATA or IDE, or both). Make of motherboard, ASUS, Gigabyte etc. Power supply, make and wattage. Memory, 2gb, 4gb etc. Operating system, XP, Vista etc etc.

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Here's what I know

by baxt76 In reply to Ok, give us a step by ste ...

My PC has; Intel pentium 4 2033MHz (20x102), 502MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM) (soon to upgraded), Maxtor 40GB ATA HD (running the OS), Combo ATA CD drive, 350w power supply.
The other 2 HD's are 160GB & 250GB (currently not connected), cant tell the make without pulling my system apart again, all connections are IDE. There's a multi card reader and a bottom range PCI sound card. The OS is Vista Media Center SP1 with DirectX 9.0c. The thing I dont get is that all this worked on my old motherboard which was an AOpen 1800+ with a 300w power supply, the only thing different is the upgrade from XP to Vista larger power supply and because the old power supply wasnt big enough to cope the introduction of the multi card reader. All the jumpers are set correctly (they came from my old PC and I havent changed anything), leads are connected etc... everything works perfectly until I connect the 2 HD's then it wont boot, it just asks for the system disc. The only thing I can think of is the change of OS, but surly that shouldnt be an issue changing within Microsoft OS's, all formatting done previously would work on either?

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by baxt76 In reply to Here's what I know

I have checked all my BIOS settings.

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RE: How do I allow other users to access this share and look at the file

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Here's what I know

Not necessarily. It depends on which version of XP was used and how old it was. What is more important here is the SP level of the Original Install. For instance Partitions Formatted with XP Original will not be read by Vista as the Security protocols are different but Partitions Formatted with XP SP2 will be read by Vista.

Not sure about SP1 for XP if that will allow Vista to read the Drives but I don't think so.

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Still cant load though!

by baxt76 In reply to RE: [i]How do I allow oth ...

I cant actually remember wether I formatted before I loaded my XP sp2 or after.
Either way the system wont boot with the HDD's pluged in, so I cant even format them again.

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Card Reader

by willcomp In reply to Here's what I know

Card reader may the the fly in the ointment. What drive letter is assigned to the Vista drive? Was card reader connected when Vista was installed?

If Vista is installed on drive H: or I: or such, disconnect card reader and reinstall Vista. Then connect hard disks one at time -- with card reader still disconnected.

Also check jumper settings on hard disks and verify that Vista (boot) disk is connected as primary master. Please don't respond with they worked before so they are still OK.

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security settings

by baxt76 In reply to Card Reader

I'm not ruling out the card reader its never been used til now, could be faulty.
Some thing I did think about was the security settings I set up on the previous system, you dont think I'v actually locked myself out by upgrading the OS, they were set with special permisions for each user and only the admin could alter the contents.

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Boot Error

by willcomp In reply to security settings

According to your question, there's a boot error with drives connected. That occurs prior to XP loading and has nothing to do with any XP security settings.

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so I dont worry?

by baxt76 In reply to Boot Error

Does that mean I dont need to worry about the security settings from the previous install?

So if the jumpers are set right, BIOS config is all correct, drives in right order on IDE cables and (if they were config'd on XP sp2), why wont the bloody thing boot :-) ?
My apologies for the figure of speech.

I havent had chance to disconnect the card reader yet (kids), thats my mission this week.

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IDE Controller / Boot Order

by TheChas In reply to harddrive start up proble ...

My first suspect is that your boot drive is NOT connected as the Master drive on the primary IDE interface.

You may be able to correct this by entering BIOS setup and changing the boot order to make the drive you have your OS installed on the boot drive.

Or, you may need to change which drive is connected to which interface.

You also might have knocked a cable loose when installing the other drives.

As to your power supply, if it was working before, it should still work. "IF" you did not add or change any hardware.

Depending on your system configuration, a good 500 watt supply should be more than enough for your system.


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