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Harddrive Transfer & Access pt1

By RiverFreight ·
The scenario is this: your Harddrivee turns at a speed of 4000RPM's or more, this alone creates a feild that is readable by the antenna that reads on/off the harddrive; the next part is the 'Antenna', this is one of the correct labels for it, theantenna charges the drive memory medium so that it will take data and store it - if I remember right from school, it is also ,,, no it enhances the antenna like feild generated, I beleive.

NOW, is the transfer lag we experience, out here away from the ivory towers of labratorys and the access speeds due to the Antenna haveing to sort or read first all the latents - radio signals - before or to get to the stuff on the harddrive: I did a search of a drive that to find a file name and it only searched for file names, after twenty minutes I dumped it and now realize I may have been searching the radio waves locally readable and then the Net/Web and then maybe the servers Harddrive and then a lot of other places, includeing other servers that are available before it starts on 'MY" C drives I've more than one board in MY computer that can act as a Motherboard each with more than one harddrive even if there is only one and it is a partitioned one to act as more than one harddrive.

See Part 2

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Actually, it must be the Van Eck

by admin In reply to Harddrive Transfer & Acc ...

Phenomena that makes your hard drive slower since you are obviously being monitored by so many different field locations. The radio waves produced are lessened at each subscriber.
Do a search for "Van Eck Phenomena" and you will have your answer.

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