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Harddrive won't spin unless I remove IDE

By pamiuw ·
Hi, I just recently upgraded my old computer with a new case (Aerocool Extremengine), 500w PSU, Soltek K890-754G motherboard (with award bios), and ATI x850xt. The old components are: AMD 64 3200+ and a regular ATA 200gb harddrive and dvd-rom with win XP.

The problem is, everything (cpu fan, video card fan, case fans, and mobo led) starts up except the hard drive. It doesn't even spin. To further complicate things, my pc won't POST.

Now, I spent all morning isolating the problem removing all nonessentials, using another computer to isolate harddrives/ IDE cables/cpu/using different power cables, etc. All good. Good power connector, good IDE cable, good hard drive, good CPU, good PSU. The only component I can't isolate is the video card because it's PCIe and I have only one PCIe mobo.

Thus pointing at the (new) video card OR (new) motherboard as possibly being doa. Here's where I get confused, though. I mentioned before my harddrive won't spin while connected to the new mobo. HOWEVER, when I attach only the power cable, I CAN feel it spin! Everytime. Attach IDE, dead. Remove IDE, spins. Does anyone know why this would happen?

I tried both IDE connectors and it gives the same result. Also made sure the jumper settings are correct.

Please help as I want to avoid the hassle (if possible) of returing the motherboard.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Harddrive won't spin unle ...

Motherboard has an issue with the FIFO chip would be my guess.

Return the motherboard and get a replacement.

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by pamiuw In reply to

Thanks very much for the help but see below.

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by statykserver In reply to Harddrive won't spin unle ...

I agree with it possibly being a problem with the motherboard. I would try flashing the bios before I reurn it as a last resort.
Bios for your board found here

Good Luck

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by statykserver In reply to

site loads slow but it eventually loads

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by pamiuw In reply to

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think it was the bios as my power issues I had with the IDE/harddrive have only worsened since yesterday. Now, I can't even power up the PC using any of three PSUs I have, and the mobo LED won't even turn on.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Harddrive won't spin unle ...

I think that you'll find every thing works perfectly by itself but when install together in this particular configuration you have a Chip Set Incompatibility issue. With AMD CPU and the associated Chip Sets Involved the most common problem is the Video clashes with the M'Board causing the entire computer not to run. In most cases you'll get nothing more than a blank screen to look at.

What you'll need to do is ring the suppliers and ask if there are any Known Issues between that M'Board and Video Card. In most cases even changing the brand of Video Card to a different one with the same Chip Set will cure the problem. In extreme cases you'll have to change the Chip Set type on the Video Card to something different to get things working.


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by pamiuw In reply to

Wasn't aware this was a common issue. This could have been the problem. However, my question is now moot because I accidentally broke off the plastic locking lever on the cpu socket last night. Rrrrrrrrrr.......!! I was hotswapping power supplies while trying ONE last time JUST to make sure it wasn't the cpu and the bloody psu fell from the case to the then upright lever knocking it clean off (the case was on its side). How many furging times have I swapped components trying to isolate the problem??? Something was bound to break.

Sent in the mobo for a replacement...not holding my breath.

Thanks very much for the help. I'll keep this in mind when I get a new mboard.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Harddrive won't spin unle ...

I think a very close inspection of the MOBO
connection to the IDE cable. Are there some
jumpers close by?? Is it possible you've off-
set the cable. To confirm MOBO failure, connect
cable at drive but not MOBO, then power up.
Also check out any socketed devices. Some times
they will wiggle loose in shipping or were
not installed properly, folded over legs are
common but tough to spot without unmounting
every chip to check.

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by pamiuw In reply to

Yes, like I mentioned, I tried many variations of the IDE cable, and, ultimately, the harddrive would ONLY spin (have power) when only the power cable was connected. Regardless my question is now moot because of above. Thanks very much though for your suggestion.

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by pamiuw In reply to Harddrive won't spin unle ...

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