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hardisk doesn't detect in other's computers

By deception2212 ·
hey......I have a seagate hardisk of 500 gb.......It works fine on my computer......the problem comes when I connect it to someone else's shows the message "the hardisk needs to be formatted".........I cant format the hardisk because I have 400 gb stuff in it..........please give me a solution so that i can repair it from my computer.....pls help

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Quite possibly something which does not need to be repaired.

by seanferd In reply to hardisk doesn't detect in ...

What OS was the disk formatted with? And which OSes are you trying to access the disk with? They simply may not be able to read the disk.

Further, this question would be better asked in Q&A rather than Discussions. You'd have better luck there for answers.

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Here I think you'll find that this is to do with the Partition on this Disc

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hardisk doesn't detect in ...

If it was Formatted with either Windows Vista or 7 and you are attempting to read it with a XP or older system it's not going to be recognized.

Both Vista & & use a slightly different Security protocol when it comes to Formatting the HDD which isn't readable by XP Systems.

The only way to fix that issue is to copy your Data off the Drive then reformat the Disc with a XP System and copy your Data back to it..

Just a warning though besides taking a long time to copy 400 GIG about what fitted on the Drive comfortably with a Vista/7 Partition may fill the Disc with a XP Format.


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by deception2212 In reply to Here I think you'll find ...

my lappy has windows 7 n so does my frnd's.......the same warning shows up in his lappy as well as in my computer which has XP.....
i dont know...but is formatting the only option

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If you can not read this HDD with a 7 System

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to asd :O

Then there is not enough Power available at whatever you are plugging this HDD into to power it.

If you continue to attempt to run the drive this way it's going to be Toast.

If this Enclosure has a Y USB Lead on it it needs to be plugged into 2 different USB Ports on the Computer. Generally speaking with Y Leads the End USB Plug is for Power Only and the Middle one is for Power & Data though depending on who made the lead this may be different.

If you can plug in an External Power Source I would do that or if that isn't an Option use a Powered USB Hub between the Computer and HDD and use that.


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