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Hardisk Power down

By lodyvers_first ·
My Western Digital 160GB Hardisk doesn't power up, i even try to remove the ide cable, just the power cable inserted, and still don't power up... Can Someone please help me, all my important files are on that HD, thanks in advance...

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by Balbir In reply to Hardisk Power down

If your HDD does not spin. Your only course of action is data recovery company that specialise in that sort of thing.Could be expensive.

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by OTL In reply to Hardisk Power down

Does not power up ? LED on the front indicates disk access.

Try changing power cables ? Have seen many problems associated with a minorly defective power connection.

Check to see if it is registering in the bios ? Would indicate PCB on the HD is powered and appears to be functioning if it does appear. Check out in techrepublic "200 ways to revive your harddrive". If it does not appear power / connection / PCB is the problem.

Check the PCB on the HD for burnt smell or burn marks, this would indicate a blown component/power surge. See answer #1 to recover your files.

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by dmiles In reply to Hardisk Power down

Try another IDE cable

If you have another drive available,install in system,with the problem drive as the slave to see if this will work

There is a article in TR 200 Ways to revive a hared drive,check out the article it may be of help

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by jck In reply to Hardisk Power down

Given that the hard drive is the only thing in the system does not power up:

1) Try the hard drive on a different power connector on the same power supply. This will eliminate a bad cable from the supply to the drive.

2) If (1) doesn't work, you might try taking the hard drive out and just hooking it to a connector on another power supply. you don't need to hookup the IDE cable to see if it spins.

3) If (1) and (2) fail, then you're probably looking at a bad drive, and should consult with a data retrieval company on sending the drive to have the information extracted.

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by gpmcdonald In reply to Hardisk Power down

If after checking everything else and it is determined that the hard drive is bad, try freezing the drive (yes in the freezer with the ice cubes) for several hours. Then while it is still cold, hook it up as a slave just long enough to recover the needed files. This process may be repeated if there is a large amount of files. This works if the main bearing on the drive is bad. Freezing will let it run for just awhile.

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by goodmahropy_2006 In reply to Hardisk Power down

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