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    Hardrive/Boot Issue


    by connectpc ·

    My computer losses its hardrive and when I disconnect the ribbon cable and re-connect it sees my hardrive again……….this happens on and off.

    Is it my CMOS battery?

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      by connectpc ·

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      No, but sounds more like a bad IDE cable

      by why me worry? ·

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      the CMOS battery would cause your entire BIOS config to get lost, not the just access to the hard drive

      try swapping out the cable to your HD and see if the problem goes away

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        Hardrive/Boot Issue

        by connectpc ·

        In reply to No, but sounds more like a bad IDE cable

        ank you for your quick response!

        I’ve swapped out ide cables……….that didn’t work.

        Are you sure its not the cmos battery?……..I’ve heard that they can get “weak” and cause problems like this.

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          CMOS Jumper

          by ginese11 ·

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          This may sound simple, however it happern, ensure your CMOS jumper is inserted correctly on the motherboard. IF the jumper is not fully seated, you will lose your CMOS settings each time you boot up your system.

          Check your BIOS seeting to ensure all settings are correct. This may sound redundant, but welcome to hardware. Verify all specifications with the HD manufacture and motherboard. There are always the fine details, especially if you have multiple drives. Check the controller settings. IF the obvious is not the problem, cable, start aat the source.

          Good luck.

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