Hardrive clicking but no fail

By anon200 ·
my computer hard-drive has been making a clicking sound since I reformatted my computer to get rid of a Trojan.
It sometimes shuts down but it will come back and work perfectly for afew days before shutting down again.

my computer is about 5-6years old and uses a IDE hard-drive.
If i have to replace the hard-drive, whats compatible with a 24db ide controller?

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You can test the drive with the vendor's utility.

by seanferd In reply to Hardrive clicking but no ...

Look for the website of the drive vendor and find the drive testing tool for your internal IDE drive. You can also check in BIOS to see if there is a test and/or SMART report section. You could also use this program to check the SMART status.

As for a replacement, what is the exact make and model of the computer, and what operating system are you using?

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windows xp

by anon200 In reply to You can test the drive wi ...

os is windows xp, it's a preety old computer 2002-4 so it doesn't have a sata cable

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SATA doesn't matter.

by seanferd In reply to windows xp

You can have any size drive with XP. The size may only be limited by BIOS or hardware here. You'd have to check if 48-bit LBA is supported by the computer, either in BIOS or at the vendor's site for your system.

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If you stay under 137 GB, you're probably fine

by seanferd In reply to SATA doesn't matter.

as that doesn't require 48-bit LBA, and you won't be wasting potential drive space. (Anything larger will just be reported as 132 -137 GB.)

But if the system supports 48-bit LBA, get one as big as you like.

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Here is a possible solution - SATA Extender card for PCI

by humphnor In reply to If you stay under 137 GB, ...

I remember that old drives tended to click and clack a lot more, so you may be OK, but I would expect a drive to fail at about the 5 or 6 year mark. So it is probably going to fail soon.

There are PCI cards that will add SATA capability. However the problem is that they only support 1.5gps hard drives and those are becoming harder to find. A lot of the 640GB drives will have a switch for the 1.5gps support. However I had not had much luck with these.

If you check out Craigslist you may be able to find someone getting rid of a bunch of old equipment and they may have some old hard drives.

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This really sounds like a Failing HDD here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hardrive clicking but no ...

You need to test it with it's Makers Testing Utility so if it's a Seagate Drive you should download Seagate's Seatools and so on from the different Drive Makers Web Sites or here


As far as the size of the Drive with XP provided it is newer than SP1 it will take any sized drive XP before SP1 will not read a Drive bigger than 127 GIG but just installing the Service Pack will cure this issue.

As for the M'Board IDE Drives are limited by the BIOS of the M'Board so you need to either buy a HDD that is smaller than what the M'Board Supports or fit a Controller Card to a empty PCI Slot and connect the new HDD to that. You can use either a SATA or IDE Controller but ideally I would recommend a SATA Controller as the Data Transfer is faster and as the Controller Card feeds directly into the PCI Bus there shouldn't be any issues with speed.

So if you want to go to a Big IDE Drive you would need something like this


and if you want to use a SATA Drive you would need something like this


Personally I recommend Promise Technologies Controller Cards as they tend to work with all M'Board Chip Sets where as if you have a SIS Chip Set M'Board some VIA Controller Cards will not work with it. This all depends on the M'Board that you have and who made the Chip Set that it uses.

If you want to stick with the On Board IDE Controller you should be able to use a 40 GIG HDD but if you want to go any bigger than that you really need to switch to a Controller Card to drive the HDD. But this all depends on the BIOS Limitations and I'm assuming here that you mean that it has a 24 GIG HDD fitted now so if that is the case it's possible that is the Biggest HDD that this M'Boards BIOS supports. Though it['s not likely it is still possible.


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