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After compleating our work Regularly we would like to switch off the system, so at that time or movement our PC will be in idle position. so At that movement what data will be stored in ROM?? Actually The data will be stored in ROM or not??

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The basic Instruction Set will be stored in ROM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware

And will be there exactly the same as when you shut down the computer.

If however you mean what will be stored in RAM which is what the computer uses to run that will vary on the OS used and what programs where running prior to the system becoming idle, but generally speaking there is nothing of any importance stored there when the system is idle so shutting down and restarting latter will not harm any data. Though if you shut down while an application is running you will loose everything that has been calculated up to that point where the power was removed. Again this depends on the OS involved and what application was being run. If it's something simple like a WP you'll only loose everything since the last backup which is programed into the piece of software. However if you are doing a complex calculation that could take several days to complete it's possible to loose all the work. Though this again depends on the software as the better programs will take snapshots and allow you to continue from the last snap shot before the power was removed.


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