By purduedavid ·
how can I connect two dvd drives to one computer.

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ide cables

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to hardware

attatch the two dvd roms to the second ide 2 cable.set one as master and one as slave.

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hardware-IDE cables

by purduedavid In reply to ide cables

how can I connect two dvd drives to one computer.

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Well it would help if you where to give some more detail

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hardware-IDE cables

Is this a Note Book or Desktop computer?

If it's a Desktop you need to buy a IDE Lead and plug it into the unused IDE Socket on the M'Board and then fit the second DVD drive into the computer after first removing the original one and checking the jumper setting to make sure that it will go on the end of the IDE Cable and is set to Master and the second Drive is set to Slave.

If you only have 1 IDE Lead or Socket in the computer and all the HDD's are SATA Drives you can use the one that the existing DVD ROM is fitted to and again remove the existing drive make sure that it will go on the end of the IDE Lead and set it to Master and the second one to Slave and then screw them into the case in the correct place so that the IDE lead can reach them then plug in the power leads and reboot.

If you have a Shuttle without the ability to fir a second DVD or you have a Desktop with 1 IDE Lead and 1 IDE HDD and DVD ROM you'll have to buy one of the expensive USB DVD ROMS and use that from a USB Socket. If you have used all of your current USB Sockets you'll need a powered Hub to add the extra USB Device.

If you have a NB you'll need either a USB or Firewire External DVD ROM Drive depending on what you have in the way of external connections on the NB. If you are going with an external USB DVD ROM and have every USB port used you'll need a USB Hub to allow more items to be fitted. Remember that you can run up to 128 USB Devices per USB Port but if you want that many you'll need a lot of USB Hubs and preferably Powered ones as well.

I'm not sure about the availability of Firewire External DVD Drives but if you need one quickly your nearest Apple Store would be my first port of call as they have been using Firewire for much longer than the PC crowd.


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