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By michaelwalo ·
what are the causes of hard disk failure?
what are the remedies?

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by dmiles In reply to hardware

Diagnosis: There are many different causes of apparent hard disk failures. Sometimes the problem is the disk itself, but just as often it is a configuration or other problem.


The first thing to check for is whether or not the hard disk can be seen by the hard disk controller; usually on a true hard disk failure, the disk will not be detectable by the controller (but this is not always the case). Assuming you have an IDE hard disk, enter the BIOS setup program and use the IDE detection facility of the BIOS to see if the disk's parameters can be detected. If the disk cannot be autodetected using the autodetect feature in the BIOS program then you should continue here for more troubleshooting of the disk and controller themselves. Failure to detect the disk usually implies immediately some sort of hardware problem.

If you can see the hard disk when you autodetect, the problem is more likely to be software than hardware. Remember that you cannot usually boot a brand new hard disk until it has been partitioned and formatted.
See if the disk will boot up. If it will not boot, then boot from a floppy boot disk and then use the FDISK command (or other partitioning software) to see if you can see the disk. If you can see the drive, continue here.
If the drive will boot up, then you should be getting a more specific error message of some sort, or a more specific failure mode that you can use for troubleshooting. Look here for error messages.
If the drive is detected in the BIOS setup but cannot be booted or accessed when booting from a floppy disk, then there is a good chance that the disk itself may be bad. I would, if possible, try connecting the hard disk to another system and see if the problem is present there as well. If so, I would contact technical support for the hard disk, because the drive may be bad.

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by TheChas In reply to hardware

A hard drive is a mechanical electro-magnetic storage device.

Actual hardware failures include:

Electro-static damage to the controller electronics on the hard drive.

Bearing failures for the platter or head motors.

Delamination of the magnetic material from the hard drive platter.

Dirty heads.

Physical crashes of the heads into the platter.

For an actual physical drive failure, there are no "remedies".

If you are lucky, you may be able to get the drive to operate long enough to extract critical data files from it.

Try some of the suggestions in the TR download:
"Member tips for reviving a failed hard drive"


Otherwise, the only option is to use a data recovery service.


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by bonokai3222002 In reply to hardware

Hard disk failure is due to constent use of the drive.
Do not over work the drive.

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