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    by kloran-[thrawn34 ·

    Does anybody happen to have some older hardware(that is still in working order) that they would want to get rid of? Dont trash it, just give me an email and tell me what you have. I will pay the shipping costs for you. Right now, I am collecting hardware from anywhere that I can. So, if you are about to junk parts, or whole pcs send me an email letting me know what you have. Thanks a lot.

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      by clearsmashdrop ·

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      You need to post your email address for people to email you. I dont see it.

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        by kloran-[thrawn34 ·

        In reply to email?

        It should have posted that with it. I dont know why it isnt. I thought I set it to do that. Must not have gone through why I got a BSOD. Sorry about that (I feel stupid now) Here it is:

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