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hi i m shahid...frm i m working in saudi arabia....plz tell me hw 2 format only c; in windows xp system....plz tell me in details...

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As the C Partition tends to have Windows on it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hardware

You can not Format it from within Windows as it would cause Windows to be destroyed.

You need to use a Boot Disc and format it from there without Windows Running.

Depending on what you use as a Boot Disc the way to do this is different but if there is a Working Copy of Windows on this Partition it will be Destroyed. Is that what you want to achieve?


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by Shahid4u44 In reply to As the C Partition tends ...

Thank u sir..i have windows Xp servic pack 2 disk...then i enterd in bois i made change settings that 1st boot divice is cd/dvd rom...then 2nd boot device is hard it currect method sir..? is it correct then what i do now sir...what is the next steps of to format the c:...waiting 4 ur reply sir...thank you

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Yes that is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to format

But you need to save the changes as you exit the BIOS and when prompted press any Key to boot off the CD.

It is just a matter of then following the prompts as issued by the Windows Installer.


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by Shahid4u44 In reply to Yes that is correct

thank you sir....
i installed the win xp cd...then...which which drivers n softwares i need to b install....waiting 4 ur reply sir
thanking you sir...

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The ones that came with the computer....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to installation

... and if you don't have those, you will need to get the drivers from the PC manufacturer or from the manufacturer of each component inside of the PC. Start with the motherboard.

If you need more help than that, you will need to tell us ALL of the specifics of your system.

Quite frankly, based on the level of knowledge you've displayed here in the forum, I think you need to take the PC to someone who knows what they're doing. Obviously, you do not. Trying to walk you through getting a PC back up and running without actually seeing it in front of us and without you providing SPECIFIC details about the system, expecting us to be psychic and just 'know' what you have sitting in front of you, would take more time than most of us are willing to VOLUNTEER.

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The very basic drivers generally needed are

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to installation

Audio/Sound, Video and M'Board Chip Set Drivers.

If this isn't a Prebuilt System you'll need to use something like Unknown Device Identifier available for download here

To identify the required Drivers.

If it comes from a System Maker like HP, Dell or one of those you can visit their Web Site and get the XP Drivers from there provided that there have been no changes made to the system.

If you know what the internal components are you can visit the Makers Web Sites and download the drivers for your Hardware from there but other than saying that if this M'Board has a Realtech Sound Card/Chip Set in it you need to install the Audio/Sound Drivers before connecting tot the Windows Update Servers or you will be unable to install the Sound Drivers till you reload the system again.

Most of the rest can be installed after you have connected to the Windows Update Servers but I like to install all of the drivers first before proceeding tot he Windows Update Servers just in case there is some new Unsigned Driver involved.

Look in Device Manager to find out what isn't installed. There will be a yellow Circle/Triangle with a Black Exclamation Mark through all devices without installed rivers. Unfortunately Windows can not tell you what these devices are till the drivers are installed so you need the Unknown Device Identifier to identify the affected parts.


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