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hardware break/fix

By zakfire6 ·
I am searching for companies based in the midwest with more than a 1000 desktop computers that are in search of a good desktop maintenance provider. My job is on the line.

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Good News

by whiz_bang99201 In reply to hardware break/fix

I have been monotoring Compaq for quite some time. They are always interested in Hardware support Techs and may employ you from Your Location. Check out
goto thier training area to get more details. Im currently undergoing a proccess of Stripping thier program language to create a boot disk for thier Quick Restore CD's. I have obtained the Permission for this proccess. This is one way I am trying to get into thier employ.

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need leads

by zakfire6 In reply to hardware break/fix

The company I work for performs nationwide service for desktops, printers,etc. We truly perform outstanding work. I sell these services to companies with over 1000 pc's. I am looking for companies that would like to discuss engaging our company ona nationwide or local basis.

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Break/Fix Plus "Seat Management"

by Shanghai Sam In reply to hardware break/fix

Believe it or not, State & Local government agencies (Dept of Transportation, Social Services, Unemployment etc.) usually have the number of desktop systems you're talking about, since many have replaced the "dumb terminals" to emulate their main & mini frame computers. Also worth a mention are HMO and inusurance companies, since they rely on large data base information of clients and providers. Another concept that extends the break/fix contract is "SEAT Management" where you provide (read lease) the desktop PC to the company, manage the inventory, repairs and upkeep, and replace it on a scheduled system life cycle (18 to 36 months) for a monthly fee per "seat". The real benefit to the potential client would be it frees up their man power who tracks that, free's up their capital assests, and saves them money in the long run. It's a win/win arrangement for all.

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