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Hardware Compatibility

By jffrsn_20 ·
will this hardware specifications fits for windows
vista ultimate edition?

Motherboard: Elite 945P-A supports Pentium 4/D/Core 2 Duo

Monitor: LG 17" LCD Flatscreen

Processor: Intel Pentium D

Memory: Corsair 1GB DDRAM

Harddisk: Seagate 80GB Sata

Video Card: Inno3d 7600 SERIES 256MB


Sound: Creative 2.1 with subwoofer

MOuse: HP wheel mouse

Keyboard: Logitech keyboard

what edition of vista will fits to this specs?

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Vista and your PC

by Maetaris In reply to Hardware Compatibility

Yeah that should just get by might need another 2 GB of RAM though because Vista is a MEM hog it will suck up every damn thing you have just to run my advice get XP because 1: it works 2: SP 3 will be out shortly and will fix the last bugs that XP has 3: is alot less but you get more unlike vista where it has potential but not yet. Now I did hear that microsoft came out with a SP 1 for it but I would never take my chance with that OS just giving you a heads up

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A couple of things to look at

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hardware Compatibility

First thing that is glaring obvious is that M'Board uses DDR2 RAM not DDR RAM so your preferred RAM will not fit on the M'Board.

Next thing is that with all modern Dual Chanel M'Boards to get best performance you need 2 Sticks of RAM not 1.

The HDD is small and could be bigger for Vista.

I'm not great lover of ECS M'Boards as I've found them to be unreliable but that's a personal opinion.

Also Windows Vista Ultimate is a Business OS and isn't suitable for Home system so what is it that you want to do? Vista is also resource Hungry so the bigger that everything you have is the better that it will work. So starting with the CPU the fastest Dual Core that you can afford, RAM should be a minimum of 2 GIG and preferably 4 or more for Vista. If you are looking at using this to play games you need to look at a 512 MEG Video Card or bigger to get best results.


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