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Hardware conflict

By Dr.Jackson ·
Through Cable Broadband Hub/router and Modem, I'm using a ISA 16-bit(NIC card)that works great.I want to use a PCI 32-bit card, everytime I install it into the PCI slot, the PC and monitor comes on, but freezes. I'll take the card out and it works again.It does the same thing when I put in a USB card.There is a shared ISA/PCI slot, should I use that one or one of the other three ? Thanks, Kenny...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Hardware conflict

yes, try another slot. if you explore around in the BIOS settings maybe you will see one slot pre-allocated to an interupt (probably the same as your video card).

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by Dr.Jackson In reply to

Yes, Thank You. This did help me. In the BIOS the IRQ 11 was on reserved and now it is ON. Now I can use my camera and printer, etc. Thanks again. Kenny

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Hardware conflict

try the shared one, else other pci slots.
in some rare cases i have seen you have to start with the shared isa/pci slot.
check with the manual of the motherboard. also check in the bios what the settings are for the isa/pci slots.

try to boot without anything in the isa slot once completely. then use the pci card.


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by Dr.Jackson In reply to

Thank You, this did help, now the IRQ setting is on and I can use all the gadgits the way they were intended to be used...Thanks again. Kenny

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by TheChas In reply to Hardware conflict

Many motherboards assign the same hardware resources to both the ISA and PCI shared slots.

Some even limit the function of the shared PCI slot.

So yes, install your plug-ins in the other 3 slots.

In BIOS settings, you may need to enable the reset ECPI or configuration switch in either PCI or plug and play settings.


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by Dr.Jackson In reply to

Thank You for the help, It was the IRQ number that was off...I don't really know about IRQ but it works now...Thanks again...Kenny

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by Dr.Jackson In reply to Hardware conflict

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