Hardware freeze!

By lindylindex ·
During a re-installation of windows 98se computer freezes during the hardware installation phase...had to wipe out my compaq pressario v5000 and windows xp pro wont boot at all..any help would be appreciated.

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Let me know

by santeewelding In reply to Hardware freeze!

How you get along.

I'm having the same problem with my Babbage difference engine.

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Not Surprised

by TheChas In reply to Hardware freeze!

I am surprised that the Windows 98 installer worked at all on this.

Basically, this hardware is too new for Windows 98.

I know that the native Windows 98 drivers will not work with this hardware. Not sure that you can even get Windows 98 drivers for the hardware.

Other Windows 98 issues:

If you have more than 500 MB of RAM installed, Windows 98 can lock up until you are able to adjust some settings to deal with large amounts of RAM. Even then, their is a physical limit of 1 to 2 GB depending on the hardware for Windows 98.

Your hard drive is both too large for Windows 98, and as formatted as NTFS for Windows XP, Windows 98 cannot access it.

If you need or want Windows 98, you need to find some older hardware that supports it.

You had problems with XP. What were they, and what did you attempt to do to fix them?

If your problem was a Windows issue, or a virus, your best option may be to order the replacement disk set from HP and perform a clean install of XP.


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not surprised (reply)

by lindylindex In reply to Not Surprised

I tried to install xp first but the disk would not boot at all.So I went into my bios and disabled what I could to see if that would help..also changed the boot order to boot from the cd rom first.Nothing seemed to work..and I know that the xp disk is fine.I did have an idea that win 98 wouldn't work but figured it was worth a shot.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to not surprised (reply)

you get a the BSOD when trying to install the software you may have some bad ram, try taking one stick out and try that, if that dont work replace that stick and take out the other one then test again, also run a test on the hardware see if anything is reported to be bad.

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Hardware Problem

by TheChas In reply to not surprised (reply)

It is clear that you have a hardware problem.

I agree that the easy place to start is with the RAM.

The next thing I would try would be a new hard drive.

As this is a laptop, if neither the RAM or hard drive corrects the failure, you have a hard choice to make. Replace or repair?

Do the cooling fans run well?
Does the laptop always run cool?
What prompted you to install Windows?

If the fans have not been running well, or the unit gets very hot, odds are that the motherboard has failed.

If you are installing Windows to address lockup issues, again odds are it is a hardware failure.

Only you can determine if the cost of repair is worth it to you versus buying a new laptop.


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Thanks guys for the reply's...

by lindylindex In reply to not surprised (reply)

Kinda figured that windows 98 se would boot up the system but knew that something wouldn't take.XP always seemed to be a follow up anyways...too bad the two couldn't be combined into an awsome op sys in a way to resolve even more boot-up and freeze problems.Thanks everyone for you're input.

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