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Hardware Identification

By Kloran-[thrawn34@hotmail.com] ·
I have 3 mysterious motherboards. How can I find the manufacturer of each, and how can I get manuals for them? They are all socket-3. All of them have 2 72 pin SIMM slots, and 4 30 Pin SIMM slots.

1 has Awards 486DX Bios Chip (1438835)
1 has Awards 486 Bios Chip (Y0087054)
1 has AMIBIOS 486DX ISA BIOS (AB9131749)

On the one with the Awards BIOS(Y0087054)the only thing close to idntification I could find was this "SIS 486G 3.3/5V Ver:G"

Also, how can I go about finding information outabout my older RAM? How much is on each of the 30pins, and how can I find out how much is on the 72pins? Thanks

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Hardware Identification

by pschuvie In reply to Hardware Identification

This can be a combination of technology forensic work and Columbo for PCs.

The first task is to try to identify the mfg and your first stop can be at the bios web sites both of which tell you how to start to try to identify the board maker.



Another lookup is also the FCC id coding tables at
old database form http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/ead
new database form http://www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid/

Now keep in mind there can be scraps of information printed on a board that can be of help and plugging them in at www.mamma.com or www.google.com lead to a boon of information if you follow the trail.

Also, alot of boards were made in various southeast locations and may notstill be in business or even have put much identification on a board.

I think the one you have some info on is the Sis 486 Green model and I might even have a book on that one if you email me. Also may have some additional insights if you put all the printed numbers, front and back of board, down and send them along.

As to the memory chips - well there is a way regarding the number of chips on each little board and the coding of each chip - not real strong on that. Maybe someone else can recommend a chip detective approach.

Hope this helps.

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Hardware Identification

Great, thanks for your help.

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Hardware Identification

by vcunningham In reply to Hardware Identification


IF you can get the serial numbers off the parts you can find out about them by going to http://fcc.gov. then fill in the fields that ask for the serial number. It will even break it down to when it was made and where and who was the orginal maker of the product and then you shoould be able to go from there.

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Hardware Identification

Again, another great help. Thanks.

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Hardware Identification

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