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Hardware Identification

By Big John ·
Hi everyone:

I have a problem trying to ID a piece of hardware in my system. I am running XP in a P$ machine, and when I boot up, I get the p & P message that a certain piece of hardware does not have drivers installed. In Device Manager, this hardware has the big yellow ?, but I have no clue what this hardware is.

The only thing I get is what appears to be some sort of ID number:

VID_04E6 PID_80000040

Can anyone assist me in learing what this is and direct me to a utility that scans MB to ID installed hardware? Thanks in advance. All help is much appreciated.


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by Cactus Pete In reply to Hardware Identification

A google search got me to this:


Remove any space sfrom the URL...

I don't know of a good ID app, other than the OS itself.

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by Big John In reply to

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by pierrejamme In reply to Hardware Identification

Well Google had no lack of responses to:VID_04E6 PID_80000040. Vid makes it soundd like a video card, but probably isn't, just to be sure click on properties of your display adapter and make sure it says "This device is working properly". A lot of people had this error with Canon Visioneers and HP Deskjets.
My advice is to remove all peripherals, printers, scanners etc. Delete the "Yellow Question Mark", reboot and then add them back one at a time to try and determine which peripheral it was.
good luck,

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by Big John In reply to

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by dmiles In reply to Hardware Identification


Check the site it refers to a controller driver for a parallel port scanner installation

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by Big John In reply to

Bingo! There is a (now obsolete) scanner that is under a bunch of junk that I had hooked up to the system. That is it! Thank you!

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by TheChas In reply to Hardware Identification

A good place to start for identifying unknown devices is to open Device Manager.

Click on view, and select view devices by connection.

Knowing where the device connects to your PC can help identify the specific device that needs a new driver.

While you have device manager open, are there any devices that you know are connected to your PC that do not show up?

Another good clue.

Assuming that you still cannot identify the device that is causing the problem, I have seen USB devices come and go on XP systems.

Sometimes a Windows Update, or a device driver damages the driver for another device. Strange as it may seem, some devices just need to be the last driver installed.

If the device is a PCI or USB device, try the utilities from Craig Hart's web site:


Craig has a great utility for identifying PCI devices.


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by Big John In reply to

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by pctech In reply to Hardware Identification

One more piece of software. You can go to
On the left hand side of the page you will see different software catagories. Under System Info will be AIDA32 personal edition. Download, it is FREE, and run this app. With AIDA32 open, got to FILE>Net update and download any updates. Once this is done got to Reports>Quick Report - All pages>HTML. This will give you an HTML document with a fairly concise list of what is on your system. The HTML report will also give you hyperlinks to the hardware manufacturers website for drivers and updates. Although this application gives a fairly thourough hardware listing of your system, it is not always 100% complete.

I hope this helps you.

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by pctech In reply to

Yes, it is getting late. I am not even proof reading for spelling before I post. ........... Anyone have an autocorrect keyboard?

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