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Hardware Issue.

By asif_life ·
I need a support when i connect my system with Monitor and both get power but soon i started my CPU it generates two beeps and display nothing on the monitor as monitor gets power what i need to check in this regard? need Assistance.

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The Make & Model of the computer is needed here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware Issue.

Or at the very least the Name of the BIOS maker.

Those 2 beeps are a BIOS Error Code and the different makes of BIOS have different Codes. The full BIOS Error Codes are here but without first knowing which Brand of BIOS oyu have it's not much help.


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Graphics circuitry: Integrated to mobo or separate card.

by Thmiuatga In reply to Hardware Issue.

If you have an integrated graphics system then there is a problem with it and you will have to get a stand-alone graphics card. If you have a stand-alone graphics card then there is a problem with the card itself or it's not fully plugged into the board. Disconnect the monitor, power off and unplug the computer, open the case and unplug the graphics card from the motherboard AGP slot. Plug it back into the AGP slot and make sure it is firmly and completely seated in the slot. Secure the card's mounting bracket, close up the case, reconnect the monitor to the computer, reconnect the power supply and then turn the monitor and computer on again. If all goes well you should hear one single beep and get a display on the monitor.

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