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Hardware issues, event id's 5 & 11

By Borg7of9 ·
I have installed WIn2000 Server SP4, clean install on new system, NOT yet connected to network. As its a server, I did a basic install, then installed mother board drivers a few days later, and I let system burn in, to see if there are any problems.

The Mother board is a Asus P4V8X-X with an Intel P4 2.8, drives , 2 x 160 gig maxtors. ( tested Maxtor drives, with MaxBlast before and after installing OS, and drives passed all tests. (although test does not see partition on second drive, even though it is partitioned and formatted and working fine) all other tests pass ( loop test, so passed many times )

The drivers are the "VIa PT800/P4X533 series" drivers.

I have 2 event ID's that I can not figure out. Both related to Hard drive & Controller, as follows
Source Disk
Category None
Event ID 11

The driver detected a controller error on \device\harddisk0\DRO

Source ATAPI
Category None
Event ID 5

A parity error was detected on\device\IDE\IDEPORT0

Microsoft says that the most likely cause is a bad cable, and I changed but this appears not to be the problem. I couldn't find any more info on these event ID's.

As for the system, it will re-boot itself, but only about every 2 to 4 days. As the system so far is stand alone, and never connected to a network or internet, it can not be a virus.

Anyone have any ideas the best way to trouble shoot this. The only thing I can think of , is the actual motherboard drivers.
Thanks for any help!

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by noemib In reply to Hardware issues, event id ...

If it's not the cables, then you may have a bad driver. Use the Verifier.exe tool to pinpoint the problem.

The Driver Verifier Manager tool (Verifier.exe) is the preferred way to create and modify Driver Verifier settings and to gather statistics from Driver Verifier. Verifier.exe is located in the %WinDir%\System32 folder for every Windows installation.

For more info read this MS article:

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by Borg7of9 In reply to

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by natecasp In reply to Hardware issues, event id ...

I would try installing a third party IDE controller in the system. I would try a SIIG UltraATA 100 or 133 PCI adapter. Thay make very good hardware and their drivers are always compatible. That way you will rule out the onboard controller and the drivers. If you still have problems after that I would try another hard drive no matter what the MaxBlast utility says. Does the error still occur if you remove one of the hard drives? If not try making an image from the primary to the secondary and use the imaged drive in the system with the other one removed. That is all I can think of. Let me know.

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by Borg7of9 In reply to

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by Borg7of9 In reply to Hardware issues, event id ...

Ok, well the event ID's turned out to be false alarms, The motherboard can also run sata drives, and since none were installed, I disabled the feature in the bios, and errors went away.
However, this means the system re-booting randomly is another issue, and I still can not solve it.

I have tested the hard disks, the memory, I am running a PC probe software and all tempatures and voltage seem ok.

I re-installed the OS again, this time without even hardware drivers, just a plain windows2000 install, and I get the same problem of the system re-booting, sometimes every few hours now, sometimes only every few days.

I turned off the Auto re-boot in the advanced tab of system properties, thinking if there was an error message I would see it before re-starting, but this has no affect, the system re-boots to the log on screen.

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by natecasp In reply to Hardware issues, event id ...

Do any events get reported in any of the logs when the system reboots itself?

So you did not load any 3rd party drivers? How does your hardware work without them?

How did you test the memory? If the system reboots itself randomly like you say then it is most likely a hardware problem. Especially since you have reloaded the OS. Also the most common piece of hardware that fails is memory. I would try to remove some or replace it and see if the problem goes away.

This is a difficult problem to find.

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