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    hardware key (dongle ) devices for activating licenses


    by rebecca.hilton ·

    Have you seen those units call UniKey STD or PRO dongles from SecuTech…this is a hardware device that you plug on your usb port and just forget about the license. You do not need to install any driver because it is a driverless hardware device.

    So you will forget about handle calls and keeping a whole department. This will help then really much on their idea against piracy…is harder to make a copy of the hardware key instead of typing a list of letters. It will be great for both parts, and the UniKey price I very very good.

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      they don’t

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to hardware key (dongle ) devices for activating licenses

      work as well as you think.

      Lightwave 3D modelling and Animation software used to have one, just to be able to run the program. I know that the hardware key / dongle requirement was broken.

      The idea seems good, but if someone really wants to get into a system, it is not going to stop them.

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      Do they come in a square blue can with yellow lettering?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to hardware key (dongle ) devices for activating licenses

      Is there a key attached to the bottom so you can open the top?

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      I hate dongles!

      by forum surfer ·

      In reply to hardware key (dongle ) devices for activating licenses

      They are such a pain. Lots of engineering software uses them in my experience and I utterly detest them. I even have a few id badge suites that use them as well. I wish whoever thought of the dongle key could have 100’s of dongles thrown at them. “Dongled to death!” Users break them if they are on laptops, lose them or snap the motherboard connections. Not only that…but the word “dongle” itself sounds like some cheap porn slang and I want to snicker anytime I hear non-IT people say it sheepishly. End the madness! Please stop with the dangling dongles for software keys!

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        you know

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to I hate dongles!

        that you can find versions of the software that requires those danged things cracked to lose the requirement.

        As I mentioned in my original post, a dongle is not an unbeatable system.

        not even when it is just an encryption key to encrypt files / drives.

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          I know…but I used to get audited

          by forum surfer ·

          In reply to you know

          And audited regularly. This was when I did government work. The police cars ran a piece of software that required the silly little dongle. The patrol cars had shotguns, sometimes m4’s as well not to mention the officer getting in and out with a virtual bat belt full of gun, taser, baton, spare ammo, cuffs, cell phone, radio…etc. You can’t blame the guys for tearing up equipment jumping in and out of their car. It’s not like they can just “be careful”. Lol, I once had a tech ask me what to do about a laptop under a full coverage warranty. I said just call it in. He was hesitant so i told him bring it to me. It had 2 rounds put through the lcd where someone fired into the cop car. I still have pictures of that one. The software vendor got pi$$ed when they saw I haxored the key. Needless to say after threats of lawsuits I simply dealt with it and used the key. I still hate them to this day though.

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      Let me see…

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to hardware key (dongle ) devices for activating licenses

      The first dongle I ran into was in about 91. I called the company that produced it when the company that produced some high end printers software could not tell me why there were problems with the software and I thought the dongle was at the root of the problems. The company repeated to me that the dongle could not cause any problems and that the code was completely secure. A few weeks later, I sent them the source of the dongles code and a cracked version of the software that ran without problems OR the dongle.

      Cubase is repored by Steinburg to be completely hackproof because it uses the Ilock dongle. Steinburg asserts that Cubase has never been cracked. In this case the Ilock is used in place of authentication. I can send anyone a copy of Cubase that is cracked. Most of the people I know that use Cubase, purchase the program and the Ilock and then use the cracked version because the cracked version does not intorduce the problems that the dongled version does. The only difference is that only the dongle is cracked and removed from the software.

      Waves uses the Ilock in the same fashion as Cubase above. The same story applies.

      As to reducing or eliminating a department, it does not because now you have to increase your tech support department to handle the flood of calls when your dongle screws up someones machine. Or to put it another way, you decrease the team handling authentication, but have to increase the support department. This is a zero sum gain.

      Dongles are far from secure and they just increase complexity.

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