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By BCDRGuy ·
I am involved in building a cable management process and have had some concerns with specific length of cables (Data and power) to used on servers. The question posed is, if we shorten the length of the cables/cords, how can we perform Hot Swappable maintenance on the unit during business hours? Your thoughts?

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For disks get hot swap mounting hardware

by stress junkie In reply to Hardware Maintenance

As far as disks are concerned there are enclosures and individual disk mounting kits that are specifically geared to hot swapping. These are all basically the same. The disk has a slide mechanism mounted on each side. The mounting bay has grooves for the slides on each side and it has a docking bay style connector at the back. You connect the cable to the back of the mounting/docking hardware. When you slide the disk into the mounting hardware it automatically lines the disk connectors with the connectors on the back of the mounting hardware. This might only apply to the data connector. You may have to plug the power cable into the disk before you insert it into the mounting bay.

I've seen numerous enclosures from Sun Microsystems and from HP/Compaq/DEC that are specifically designed for this. You can build your own by just buying the special mounting kits and mounting them into a normal computer enclosure.

I don't know about hot swapping any other kind of component. Swappable power supplies are probably specially built to connect to a specially built enclosure. Naturally they would also have to have redundant power supplies to be hot swappable. I don't know about the connectors because I never really paid attention to hot swappable and redundant power supplies on big machines.

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