Hardware Partition with Multicore Processors

By CaptMorgan ·
Is it possible to divide a dual core processor with a hardware partition. For example, if I had 4 dual core processors (8 cores in total) would it be possible to create a static hardware partition that split the cores unevenly, say 5/3, or do they need to in pairs, 2/6, 4/4, 6/2? One dual core would need to be split in half using a static hardware partition, I don't think it's possible but I'm not sure.

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Depends on exactly what you mean by Splitting and what OS is being used

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware Partition with M ...

If you are looking at something like Windows 2003 ES that gives you the ability to chose which CPU does what in the system.

That's about the only thing that I've heard of that allows you to chose what one of many CPU's actually does though in a 2,000 CPU Blade to I occasionally work on running SUSE some applications are not ported to all the available CPU's but just go to the ones closest to the bottom which are not running at 100% capacity, but their main application which is for generating CG Images do use all of the available processing power.


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Thanks for the Reply Hal 9000

by CaptMorgan In reply to Depends on exactly what y ...

Sorry for the vague question. What I meant was, can a dualcore cpu be split by hardware partition. Meaning there is a hardware partition that splits the one core away from the other. I know a dual core can be split via a dynamic software partition but I've not heard of it being done via a static or hardware partiton.

I haven't been able to find anything on the subject so I'm assuming it can't be done.

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Not by any method that I've heard of YET.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for the Reply Hal ...
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Found Answer

by CaptMorgan In reply to Hardware Partition with M ...

Found some information that answers my question (mostly, for HP systems at least.

HP Virtual Server Inviroment:

Hard PArtitioons (nPars) - Allow complete electrical isolation between
partitions on a single server

Server Virtual Partitions (vPars) - Virtual partitions allow compute resources to be dynamically allocated while maintaining isolation between partitions.

~Complete hardware-fault isolation: HP's nPar is unique in the industry because it provides fully electrically isolated partitions inside a single system. This is accomplished using a custom chipset design in each cell such that firewalls are configured to ensure that electrical signals are dropped if they are destined for a cell that does not belong to the partition. This ensures that no hardware failure in one partition can affect any other partition in the system.
Each cell board can be logically and electronically isolated from the others in the system.

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