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By daniel ·
I have a USB device that I need to be certified to work on vista x64. It works fine on 32bit operating systems but not x64.

How do I go about doing this?

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Hmmmm.... Let me see...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hardware PID

It works fine on 32bit operating systems but not x64.

If it doesn't work on x64, how do you propose to get it certified?

Perhaps you've asked the question wrong? Maybe you're asking how you would make your USB device work on an x64 system because it's asking for certified drivers to be installed? If there are no x64 drivers available from the manufacturer, the device is not designed to run on an x64 system and probably never will. Did you contact the manufacturer?

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Manufacturer responce

by daniel In reply to Hmmmm.... Let me see..... ...

This is part of what I sent to the manufacturer

The ftdi chip is FT232RQ. We have our own product ID ?Stella IQ to use first PID code a4b0 for the usb driver? issued from you (FTDI).
The driver version number is data 13/03/2008 and it says it is not digitally signed.

This is there responce

Have you recertified the driver for your unique PID?

VISTA 64 will only allow certified drivers to be installed.

It is Microsoft that provides the certification. Nothing to do with us.

There are 64bit drivers provided with the device.

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driver signing?

by balge In reply to Hardware PID

Is it "not working" because its asking for signed drivers?
If the former you may need to disable driver signing and see if the 32bit driver works - hit F8 during boot, select ?Disable Driver Signature Enforcement?.
This only works for that session however, but at least it will let you see if the driver works at all.

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I am Suprised they never gave you

by IC-IT In reply to Hardware PID

this link;

edited to add - cut-n-paste the link the ( interrupts the whole link.

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