Hardware problem?

By jameskeyworth1 ·
If there are any problems with my motherboard, Memory, processor or graphics card will it let me in to BIOS?

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Depends on what the problem is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware problem?

But generally speaking if the M'Board or CPU is in any way damaged you will get no display on the monitor at all and at best you may get some error beeps from the internal speaker.


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by druuzil In reply to Hardware problem?

Are you able to boot into windows and run your system as normal, but just not able to access your bios? If this is so, are you using a USB keyboard? Sometimes USB keyboards are not detected until after your window of time to enter the bios has passed. If you have a USB to serial adapter, try using that instead and see if it fixes the issue. If not, disregard. :)

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More Info is needed

by ugadata In reply to Hardware problem?

Is anything being displayed on the monitor?
If not, you will need to listen for POST beeps to determine what to do next.

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by jameskeyworth1 In reply to More Info is needed

Hi there thank you for replying.
Yes the monitor is displayed but in order for me to even get to my bios it will only do it by using a 64m Graphics card (opposed to my 128 and 256).
With regard to error codes all I get is on quick beep then I can get into my Bios.
From there I can't get my HD to boot up I have tried everythig so hard drive maybe? but surely all 3 of them can't br bad! can they?

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So you can get into the BIOS?

by ugadata In reply to BIOS

perhaps I'm making a bit of a logic leap but...
I don't think any of the components mentioned are bad.

If you can turn the computer on and get any kind of display (other than just a black screen) then the MoBo, processor, memory, and graphics should be "good enough" for getting into the BIOS.

Problems booting to an OS are a different issue. Granted if you can't get this far then it probably ain't gonna boot either.

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What HDD do you have as a boot drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So you can get into the B ...

Or do you have 3 individual copies of your preferred OS with 1 on each HDD?

If you only have the one installed OS the problem whatever it is will be with the Boot Drive being faulty somehow either it's become disconnected is faulty the M'Board controller isn't working properly or you have a bad Power Supply that isn't supplying enough power to allow the system to start.

If you would like to post back with the hardware specs it will be much easier to help you out.


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