Hardware problem? or other.......

By summers5503 ·
When I plug our dedicated analog phone line into the RJ11 connector on my laptop, it literally disables the phone line and I cannot connect to the internet. The dial tone remains cut off until I disengage it entirely from my pc. If I do not, it will not reset itself and my husband would be unable to get a dial tone for his own laptop. It has always worked before, but has been into the repair shop recently for other unrelated repairs.......

Please, any thoughts?

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Sounds like the Modem on the NB isn't set correctly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware problem? or othe ...

A quick test would be to try a Live Linux on this NB to see if it's hardware related or Software Related. If the problem continues with a different OS running which will not hurt your Windows Install the repair shop hasn't done their work properly. Even it it works properly it's still possible depending on what the repair was that they have not done the correct job and have failed to setup the unit correctly.

This would be the fastest way to test the NB but if you want you can mess around within Windows for days without result when it could be confirmed in under 5 minutes with a Live Linux.

If you want a basic Live Linux Puppy should suit your needs and is small enough to download over a Dial up connection, it's available here

Or if you consider this too big to download you can buy the CD direct from this site.


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Please explain to a confessed non-IT person

by summers5503 In reply to Sounds like the Modem on ...

What is an NB? and how to I access it? Thank you for taking the time to respond....I'm at a loss here and frankly,
I'm hesitant to take it back in for further

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Well I take it that you know what NB means now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Please explain to a confe ...

But to do a quick and easy test you can load a Live Linux which has no effect on your already installed OS as it runs off a CD and in RAM memory and has no direct contact with the HDD.

What it will do is tell you if you have a hardware or software problem as if it works with a Live Linux the OS is incorrectly setup. However if it doesn't work with a different OS you know that you have a hardware related problem.

Incidentally what was the previous repair for? while you may think that it's unrelated because NB's are basically a All In 1 M'Board if it was something related to a M'Board feature or connector it's possible that the repair is related to the current problem. Even if they just reinstalled the OS that could be a related problem. I've just had a Look at 3 NB M'Boards that come from scrapped NB's and every one of them has the RJ12 Socket directly attached to the M'Board as well as the USB Ports and every connector on the back of the unit. Then things like a HDD and Optical Drives plug into sockets on the M'Board about the only things not directly connected to the M'Boards are the CPU Fans, Keyboard, the Monitor and the Speakers all of which are connected by wire leads which can be damaged if not assembled correctly.


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You betcha, and am I Redfaced!!!!!

by summers5503 In reply to Well I take it that you k ...

Not sure if you saw my previous post, but my "NB" suffered an electro-static shock last December and it affected the display and a system board had to be replaced. Up to that time the RJ11 and modem worked just fine. I'm going to open it up and take a peak inside to see if anything looks unusual and then try your suggestion.

I will let you know after I load Live Linux.

Stay tuned......and thanx again.

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If they replaced the M'Board take it back to them

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You betcha, and am I Redf ...

As by the sounds of things the new M'Board is faulty.


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Please explain to an retired non-IT person

by summers5503 In reply to Sounds like the Modem on ...

What's an NB? And how to I access it? If
I can tweak this myself I'd be forever in
your debt. Frankly I'm hesitant to take it
back to the repair shop for further "fixing"........

Thank you for taking the time to respond....

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NB = Notebook (laptop) No dial tone on modem + short

by 1bn0 In reply to Hardware problem? or othe ...

You say the repair was unrelated. What exactly did they do. If they had to disassemble the notebook they may have not put something back together correctly.

Most notebooks I have worked on have a small cable from the internal card to the connector at the back / side of the machine. If this cable was pinched during reassembly, it the two leads could be shorted together. This would cause the problem with the dial tone. It would not necessarily cause any other problems as the line is not accessed until the modem attempts to connect to dial tone.

This may not be the issue but might be worht checking.

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NB-No Dial Tone on Modem

by summers5503 In reply to NB = Notebook (laptop) No ...

There were 2 repairs: The NB received an
electro-static discharge in December and damaged the display screen and a system board. Wouldn't even boot. The modem and
RJ11 worked fine before that. It's a Toshiba P25-S520, with a 17" screen, 80gb/hd. I think I'll open it up and give it a look......let you know!

Thank you....

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