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By todd ·
Hi, just wondering about the hardware profiles in Windows XP, its probably a long shot but a client wishes to use the same hdd in his pc at home and at his uni (using a caddy system), the computers are completely different and at first thought I was like you would need to repair XP every time you used the other pc, but then I remembered the hardware profiles that laptops use when in docking stations, is there a way to create a profile for his 'Uni' PC and one for his 'Home' PC at all.
Todd Hansen

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by TheChas In reply to Hardware Profiles

Beyond any hardware issues, there are serious software licensing issues with what your client wants to do.

Basically, he wants to use 1 software license on 2 different computers.

If ANY of the software is OEM version, the license is specifically tied to the original hardware, and cannot be transferred to a different computer. Even if the license is for a retail version with transfer rights, sharing the drive between 2 different PCs at a minimum violates the spirit of the EULA.

What he is better off doing, is to have a fixed boot drive on each computer with the OS and software installed.
Then, use the drive on the caddy as a data drive.

You can setup most software programs to use the drive as the default storage drive.

This prevents both licensing and hardware conflict issues.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware Profiles

NO well at least not with XP.

The best option here would be to use the Caddy system for data only and rely on the internal HDD to store the OS on both systems.

If that's not possible you can create another partition and dual boot to the different systems though I believe that this is a direct breach of the EULA and may leave anyone connected with performing this in Legal Problems with MS if they where to ever hear of it.


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