Hardware recommendations for PC used for graphics design

By Megtek ·
Hi. I have been so far out of the hardware loop for a number of years now. I just got a new job and have been asked to build a computer for me to use. The job will involve doing graphics design using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc...as well as 3D graphics. Also - video capturing from a video camera to convert to video files that can be played on a PC. I am told by some people that I will need 2 monitors. Why? Also - what kind of video card would I need? I know I will need a large hard drive, and alot of memory - 2 GB enough? But what else? I need to be sure I get what I need, but I am so afraid that I will overkill it and look bad. ANy recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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Me personally

by Tig2 In reply to Hardware recommendations ...

I agree that the biggest HDD is going to be better. I also agree that two monitors are desirable- you want all the screen real estate you can get.

All the RAM you can get is also desirable. 2 GB is good, 4 is better. If this will be a corporate asset, they will expect it to be good for a minimum of 3 years. You aren't building for now, you are building for later too. Incidentally, that is your validation in the event that someone thinks the system is overkill.

A dual core, 64 on the MOBO is an obvious requirement.

Video... different things to different people. I like the output from the nVIDIA product. Should have its own memory. And as much as it can have.

I am making the assumption that this will be a desktop box. If not, the HP laptops have some great things going for them in terms of memory options and baseline system spec. But your mileage may vary- what does the corp prefer?

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info...

by Megtek In reply to Me personally

They definitely require it to be a desktop box. And they definately want me to custom build it. What they would love is to have it built in one of those tiny Shuttle chassis. They buy from Newegg.com. Can I put such hardware in a case like that without it getting too hot? Ugh...I am so far out of the loop with hardware. I used to know all this stuff. Your help is so appreciated.

What is most overwhelming is the video card. I am new to graphics design. They will be sending me to training to learn. They want me to make brochures. Also, create excellent quality slide shows from digital camera pictures. And they have a digital video camera that I will need to dump videos onto this PC and create videos. I can learn all this - but what is the hardware I will need to get it done...that I have no idea. :-) I am afraid of making a bad impression by going with the wrong stuff...

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more hardware considerations

by Robininja In reply to Thanks for the info...

I think you should get a graphics card with video capture capabilities since you will be doing video capture and you also would benefit from a hard drive with decent speed and transfer rate (SATA, SCSI)

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Vidoe card capture

by wbkern In reply to more hardware considerati ...

Most video systems now use USB / Fire wire to capture footage form the camera/VCR deck. For video capture check out Vegas (Sony)I do recommend 2 Monitors. 1 video card dual out puts. I do this for a living and I like it!

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Thank you all!

by Megtek In reply to Vidoe card capture

Thank to all of you for your replys! I am wondering - is anyone comfortable with giving me a couple of brand name and model numbers of good cards? I would not even know where to start. nVidea? ATI? No idea. Brand name and model number would certainly be helpful.

Thanks so much.

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Some very important regards

by jlouras In reply to Hardware recommendations ...

1 - You should have two disks, physically. Photoshop and some other programs use a method that is called "scratch disk" that is like a temporary memory for data processing. If you have in another drive, it will be much faster.
2 - The Monitor: if the monitor is not really good, even with the "top of the pops" video card your red will be rose, and other colours will be drastically changed when you print. Take care of the contrast and quality of the monitor.

Be aware that the best sollution for graphic designs is still the Mac, at least that is what my designer friends use and recommend.

Take care.


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Hot Box

by Paul D. Masley In reply to Some very important regar ...

Basically, what you are looking for is a hot gaming machine. I would choose a dual core (your choice AMD or Intel) processor, 4 gigs of ram, dual hardrives, 512 meg dual video cards and a case with at least 600 watts. Be sure to cool that case.

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