Hardware Screen Problem!!

By Khotasika ·
Hi I have a Compaq V2000 laptop the Screen of my Laptop dose not glow. There is no software issue or a driver Issue! If a use a flash light (torch) to carefully look at the screen all the windows are visible and I even restored it to an older date but the Screen appears very dark! I tried to brighten it using the fn key but it seems to make no diff. The laptop use to heat up near the hinge. I cannot figure out if it is a display problem or a cable problem. Kindly guide me plz. thanks

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screen Problem

by Timian In reply to Hardware Screen Problem!!

sounds like the backlight for the LCD is out. You might be able to find a replacement LCD on E-bay if you are not under warranty.

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by Khotasika In reply to screen Problem

Thanks Timian!!

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FL inverter board?

by Jacky Howe In reply to Hardware Screen Problem!!

Look at the LCD screen very closely and check if you can see a faint image on the screen. It?s possible that the LCD lid close switch stuck in the ?closed? position and the backlight stays off even when you open the LCD screen or turn on the laptop. The switch turns off the backlight when you close the LCD display to save the laptop battery power. Check the LCD lid close switch. Usually it is a small plastic pin located close to the LCD hinges. Try to tap on the switch a few times to turn on the backlight. If after tapping on the LCD lid close switch the backlight stays on, you fixed the problem.
It is also possible that after tapping on the LCD lid close switch the backlight works fine, you see a normal video on the screen for some time and then the backlight turns itself off again. In this case I would blame the FL inverter board. Try to reseat cables on both end of the FL inverter to make a better contact between the cables and the FL inverter board. If it doesn?t help I would try to replace the FL inverter board.

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by Khotasika In reply to FL inverter board?

Thanks for the info Jacky I really appreciate the time and effort. I tried playing with the fl switch as well as u said it turns the system in stand by mode and brings it back up and running again but I will open the system and reconnect it on both ends! was wondering it It is the back light then will I be able to just change the bulb in it or will I have to change the entire LCD. this is a compaq v2000 laptop the complaint on it before the LCD went out was that it was heating between the Power switch and the Hinge and this happened in a little while after if started heating hanks for your time I really appreciate it!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Hi

inverter failure is more common than backlight failure and inverters are easier to replace. You can see a faint image so the backlight may be OK. You don't have to replace the screen for a backlight problem. I would try a new FL Inverter to start with.

If you have tested by conecting to another monitor and you can see a picture then the Video card is OK.

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Inverters are possible to replace, the bulb itself is VERY tricky

by robo_dev In reply to OK

...well let's just say that this is VERY difficult. I repair all sorts of electronics and would advise anybody not to try it.

the bulb itself is a $30 part that is about the diameter of a coffee stir-stick. On most displays you must carefully un-stick glued on ribbon cables, carefully unplug VERY fragile ribbon edge connectors, then do a very neat job soldering the wires to the new bulb.

I tried to fix one this way, and it was not a successful repair.

The inverter is not a big deal, typically just a little module tucked into the frame of the display. Take off the frame, unplug the old one, plug in the new one....

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