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    Hardware Spying


    by turquoixe ·

    Is there any spy technique other than software? Could spying modules be inserted onto a motherboard system that camouflaged with the host’s chips and screws?

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      by turquoixe ·

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      Technically Yes

      by hal 9000 ·

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      But the M’Board maker would have to leave provision for these as option extras if required. You couldn’t just stuff one onto a modern M’Board without running the risk of doing severe Damage to the M’Board and stopping it from working correctly.

      The Software Option is really much cheaper and far easier to monitor.


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      Hardware Spy

      by akdaga ·

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        on the dot

        by turquoixe ·

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        Thanks for the info. I noticed that hardware spying are available in the market, although the modification can be seen by naked eye. The product, and most spying softwares shares a disadvatage: they are asynchronise and spy data can only be acsessed IF the subject logs to the Net.

        Wouldn’t it be cool to have a realtime and wireless access to a computer system? Harassment can be much easier.

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