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By schanda ·
please i need someone to explain a bit on advantages/disadvantages of Microsoft exchange server (mail server) viz vi Linux red hat. which one is more prefearable. Currently we are using Linux at my workpalce to manage our e-mails but it appears we are having a bit of problems hence the issue of looking at other applications to manage our e-mails came in. so please i need your support.

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consider the platform

by symon.l In reply to Hardware Technician

It really depends on what email system you are using at the moment or plan to use in the future. <br><br>

If you using pop3 as your mail system then you would not really need to go for Exchange, But if your using IMAP then outlook is mediocre and thats being polite, Unless you want to use something like Thunderbird as your mail client.<br><br>

I use linux daily but for mainaning a email structure within the office i would always go for exchange, Mainly for ease of use.<br><br>

Think about how well the people who are looking after the email paltform will be able to make quick changes in Linux versus a Windows environment as I personally have found exchange easier to manage.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Hardware Technician

Might want to try this option also, we used this is a mix win uni and it works prefectly well

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Well I suppose the main disadvantage of any

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hardware Technician

Windows server is cost. The setup costs of any Windows platform can easily exceed the cost of the OS when it comes to adding additional Cal's Client Access Licenses Any Windows Server Product comes with 5 and you need to buy additional Licenses or Cal's to allow more to concurrently connect to get things off the server.

Linux is far cheaper generally speaking more stable and less likely to be breached as it's More Secure from the Design Stage up but this is only as good as the person administering it if they follow Bad Security Practices the Platform will be insecure but that applies to both the Windows & Linux Platforms though the Linux Platform will require more work to make unstable than a Windows one ever will.

It really depends on what is required here and what the budget is for the deployment without knowing either one of those it's impossible to say any more than just the general outlines of both Platforms.


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Exchange is MORE than just a mail server.

by 1bn0 In reply to Hardware Technician

Without it, Outlook is just a mail client.

You say you are using RedHat Limux, but that does not acurately indicate what you are using for mail. If you just want mail Exchange is a very expensive proposition. I you want to add the calendaring features that most medium and large businesses have come to expect, then you need exchange or a product with similar features.

You need to get a quote or estimate the cost of implementing Exchange. Be sure this includes ALL of the licensing requirements.

Exchange is essentially an application that sits on top of Windows Server. The price reflects that.

Are you already using Outlook or are you going to haveto purchase client licenses for Outlook as well. These are not the same as CALS to allow the client ot access the servers. You need a license to install it on the workstation to begin with.

Maybe if you could explain your "bit od a problem" someone might have a more specific recommendation.

ALso, how are you currently managingthe network. Are you using Windows Server and active directory. If Yes, then Exchange could be a good fit. The account mangement becomes integral. If No, well you have to include implementing Active Directory as it is a requirement for Exchange. Dont forget the Server and CALS licensing for that as well.

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