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Hardware Upgrade Validation Report(s)

By RDGO_Tech ·
I am in chargeg of quantifying an upgrade for our Users, so that our IT Dept. may purchase scroll mice for them to use at their computers.
Do we have a suggested link that shows test reports defining cost benefits of upgrading our Users to that model of mouse for their PCs?

Example-ism: IF I switch over to using a scroll mouse on my PC, I will save 10 minutes of time (in effort) each hour I process activities on my Computer. This trnaslates into 80 minutes per day, which then becomes 400 minutes per work week, and then into 20,000 minutes for a 50 week year. This is essentially 334 (estimated) hours of work time savings, per year, by spending monies to upgrade our Users with a scroll mouse, instead of the regular mouse they got with the original purchase of said PC.

Does anyone know where I could find any studies that would assist me in validating my premise?
I would like to submit a report of this validation to my Supervisor so that we may request the appropriate funding.
Suggestions, anyone? Recommendations?

Thanks for your assist!

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