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Harrassment by Power User SanteeWelding

By JADavis9 ·
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Well, another site issue! I saw dups of my SanteeWelding Harrassment posting displayed at the top of this Discussion, so I Edited the 2nd Posting and titled my edit Dup Erased. Then when I hit the Save button and then the Refresh button on my IE, my edited stuff had now replaced the original posting. So now it is all gone! Oh, great! There have been 120 replies and the original item is gone. Come on TechRepublic .... your new site has some serious issues and needs to be fixed! I think that us "users" really appreciate having this site, but this shouldn't have happened. It has ruined this Discussion forever (I think!)

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Grab youself a dictionary and fight back

by neilb@uk In reply to Harrassment by Power User ...

A thesaurus would be good, too.

I checked back over your posts and he has been giving you a hard time but, then, perhaps you might deserve some of it.

Most of us can recognise when a question poster has reached the extent of his talents and expertise and we'll gladly pitch in if we can help. You've posted twenty or so questions in the last couple of months and we are *all* are becoming suspicious that you're not quite putting the effort that you might into answering them yourself.

For some reason, this has annoyed santeewelding, who has appointed himself as your scourge and goad.

Obviously, from this thread, the "scourge" is working whereas success of the "goad" would be a better outcome.

Neil :)

He gets us all at one time or another.

I'd better not mention god else I'll be on the receiving end of another santeeslap (TM).

Oh, God, check the commas!

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TR does not have an ignore function . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Harrassment by Power User ...

..... but people do. My best suggestion is that you use yours.

P.S. Without looking into the history of your questions, I assume you're marking most, if not all, answers as helpful, giving those who attempt to help the coveted thumbs up. If not, you should.

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None of the posts I saw have a thumbs up

by Juanita Marquez In reply to TR does not have an ignor ...

So you might have something there. People and animals both work on the reward system, so yeah, if we are fixing stuff, we should have our thumbs up tasty treat thrown to us as well.

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I thought of that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to TR does not have an ignor ...

But, nah! That'd be insane.

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Rite of Passage

by oldbaritone In reply to TR does not have an ignor ...

Being flamed by Santee is just one of the progressive steps on TR.

If he hasn't noticed you, and flamed you at least once, you're still a noob.


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I'm not sure if he tried to flame me yesterday or not....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Rite of Passage

It's sometimes kinda hard to tell with Santee....I just told him it would take someone a lot nastier than him to get me going.

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After reviewing your Questions, I have to agree.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Harrassment by Power User ...

I respect many of santee's positions as expressed in the Discussions forum.

However, people posting in the Questions forum aren't looking for a debate or a vocabulary lesson; they're looking for help. I agree with his recommendation that a basic Windows class would benefit you (or at least several sessions with tutorials available in the Windows Help menu), but his hostile approach isn't likely to encourage you to follow his advice.

Some of his other replies have ranged from useless to insulting, about as helpful as an 'RTFB'.;leftCol;leftCol;leftCol

You've asked him to ignore your questions, and I'm unsure why he finds this reasonable request to be unsavory. All I can do is recommend you ignore him and continue hitting the spam button.

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by Juanita Marquez In reply to After reviewing your Ques ...

And don't be put off by the few trolls that live here - the majority of TR is a community of nice people. Granted, most of it is by techs, for techs - not people's free GeekSquad - so a few less-than-friendlys might go the "a n00b! insult him!" route. Not saying that's acceptable, just warning you.

There are a few posters that I don't even bother to open their responses most of the time because the good content is outweighed by the nastiness - and he's one of them. I don't see the point. So don't think it's just you, some people just can't be nice.

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The way to get a bug-free environment...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Agreed to document them bugs in featureens!

Somebody should make a rogues' gallery for TR. Put in the zoological shakedown on the resident ronkedoors and other creatures. Right down to the preferred diet, handling instructions and dart-gun sedative dosage recommendations.

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I dunno...

by Juanita Marquez In reply to The way to get a bug-free ...

...glorifying the trolls is not the way to go. If someone has worthwhile content, they should float to the top on their own merits, not their notoriety or frequency of posting. But that's me, I don't put up with bs, no matter how candy-coated or "fun" it may seem. That is why I don't get along with everyone, but I darned well try to. :)

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