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Harware compatibility

By german_mendez ·
I am using a pentium 4 1.4 with RDRAM cuold I use SDRAM insted or any other Type of Memory?

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by wcp In reply to Harware compatibility

RDRAM is Rambus.
I have never heard (I could be wrong) of any motherboard (MB) that allows you to choose either RDRAM or SDRAM (or DDR). Even if it exists, mixing those different types of RAMs is a NO NO.

You have to read the manual or look at the MB and see if SDRAM slots are available.

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by LMon In reply to Harware compatibility

No you can't. rdram is different than sdram. This is a type of memory which is not intercangeable.

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by TheChas In reply to Harware compatibility

RDRAM is the only type of RAM that will work on your system.

Unless, there is another set of DIMM sockets on the motherboard that are designed for SDRAM.

If you look closely and compare RDRAM and SDRAM modules, you will find that they have different connection arrangements, and the notches on the finger side are different to prevent plugging the wrong style module into a socket.

Further, for most P4 systems, you MUST install RDRAM modules in matched pairs.


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