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has anyone

By Jaqui ·
looked at Vector?

based on slak.

for an ncruses based installer, very good installer and a fairly nice default ui ( kde )

a couple of issues, which become obvious with looking at thier forums.

defaults the xserver to 640 by 480 at 8 bit, even after installer configures xorg at a better resolution.

if you use a password for root that includes a space character, the password is truncated at the space.

as soon as the xconfig problem and a note during root password setting is done, they will have a good new linux user distro.

with having to lilo option to runlevel 1 at fix password, and having to hit console to get the xconfig repaired it can't really be recommended yet for new to linux.

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I'm currently downloading

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to has anyone

The Soho version now and I'll try it out on one of my Dual Processor M'Boards to see how it goes.

It's got to be better than attempting to get an ADSL Router working the first one that I pulled out of the box didn't work which nearly drove me nuts as I thought that I was going mad but the second one worked sort of right now all I have to do is get the network side of things working as just one of the 4 RJ45 ports is working any one from what I can see but not if you add a second CAT 5 Cable to it then it hangs up. And this was supposed to be an easy day.

Col ]:)

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gods..I would

by Jaqui In reply to I'm currently downloading

much rather be fighting with x configurations than a router.

at least you have a slight advantage, you know that the xorg server will need to be re configured before you start it up.

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by Jaqui In reply to has anyone

what, no-one else checked out yet another distro?

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I'd give it a blast...

by Frenchwood In reply to ~poke~

To try, but i'm currently locked in a battle with what must be the most obstinate m'board i've ever come across, which means i'm reduced to Bill's world on my Notebook atm.

I'll add it on to my 'To Do' list!

** Mental note... Try vector... **


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Wonky stack size?

by jmgarvin In reply to has anyone

I'm having issues with my NIC reporting a 7k stack size?????

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by Jaqui In reply to Wonky stack size?

haven't seen that on thier fourms..
it actually supported all my hardware to acceptable levels.
( graphics to only 24 bit colour instead of 32 bit, but that's the only hardware issue I got )
it even supported an old parport zip 100, which newer vesions of mainstream distros have dropped.

I'm glad I have that ancient paralell port zip drive.
I was able to repair an old cdromless laptop and put a new os into it by haaving the zip drive.

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NIC was the died

by jmgarvin In reply to hmmmm

So, it must have been doing something funny and the OS couldn't allocate the resources properly. (That's my guess and I'm sticking to it!)

On that note: Does it seem to slow down after using X for a while?

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I hadn't

by Jaqui In reply to NIC was the ...

noticed that myself.
but I was only taking a look for curiosity.
it stayed on my system for a grand total of about 2 hours.
then I did the rebuild that prompted me to take the time to examine it.

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