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Has anyone been hacked through their wireless?

By jdclyde ·
You always hear the security gloom and doom about the problems with having wireless for your users.

Has anyone been hacked and you traced it back to the wireless?
How bad was the hack?
Was your wireless secured or wide open?

First hand experiences only please.

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Here's one thing we've seen

by jdmercha In reply to Has anyone been hacked th ...

Our wireless requires authentication with ID ans password.

An authorized user will log in and attach his own wirless router. This new 'rouge' router will then allow access by unauthorized users.

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do you do sweeps?

by jdclyde In reply to Here's one thing we've se ...

How did you catch it?

Do you do sweeps for rouges or did someone just spot it as another access point available?

Do you think they were just scamming internet access or were they hacking around your systems?

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Saw this quite a bit at former employer...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Here's one thing we've se ...

...turned it it was almost always doctors trying to get WiFi for their waiting areas. Became pervasive to the point that Public WiFi got rolled out to every site.

We used IDS to find the rogue units almost as soon as they hit the network, so it wasn't usually a big deal.

Except once....

There was an 'insider' that was trying to assist someone else (I wasn't directly involved, so I only got the high level details on this) in trying to gain access to our ERP system via WiFi.

They made like Arnie, and terminated her on the spot!

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Yes..but I did the hacking to myself.

by TomSal In reply to Has anyone been hacked th ...

When I first set up my home network, I hacked into it to help tweak it and setup my firewall.

Beyond I haven't been hacked through wireless...yet.

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unauthorized download files on wireless laptop

by katieDD1991 In reply to Has anyone been hacked th ...

I am trying to figure this out myself. I recently discovered unwanted, hidden files on my laptop. When I opened it up I recieved the msg "selected files ready to be burned to disc" I clicked to view files and there were files I did not know existed. Even though I no longer have my wireless box set up, I frequently see "detecting wireless network" Two are secure one is unsecure. I did some delving into my computer and saw that on the dates the previous mentioned files were downloaded it listed my computer but NT authority as the USER. (normaly I am listed as the user) I am trying to determine if a neighbor or someone within range could have logged onto my computer and downloaded these files. I did not have a password set on my laptop (or virus software-stupid) Why would it select these files to burn unless someone selected them? Can that be done remotely? HELP!!

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