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Has anyone deployed Linux to the desktop?

By georgeou ·
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It looks like the City of Birmingham in England gave up on their desktop Linux deployment citing runaway costs of deploying Linux and moved back to Windows. Does anyone out there have a similar or opposite experience deploying Linux to the Desktop.

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Linux? Desktop?

by Kiltie In reply to Has anyone deployed Linux ...

Sure I am testing out many of them right now.

Pick one and have fun, the advantage of LiveCDs are that they don't touch your host Operating System at all.

I hope to write TR article about this soon, I have been asked to contribute, but I am awaiting feedback.

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LiveCDs are a nice way to test the waters, what about an actual deployment?

by georgeou In reply to Linux? Desktop?

I'm asking if anyone has tried to deploy Linux on the desktop for an organization with more than 100 desktops.

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Sure they are

by jmgarvin In reply to LiveCDs are a nice way to ...

With proper test rigs you can check to make sure:
A) Hardware works properly
B) Linux is operates as expected
C) How X responds on various hardware

You wouldn't want to test 100 machines, but you could pop it into a handful of machines and see if you are deployment ready.

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Linux desktop - more stable than Windows

by uli.fuerst In reply to LiveCDs are a nice way to ...

We have many problems with our Windows desktop freezing. As we are running Novell servers I installed SuSE10.1 on my desktop. This is much more stable and reliable than windows. In the meantime one more staff member installed a Linux desktop and several others want us to install it for them as well.

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I disagree

by mbaumli In reply to Linux desktop - more stab ...

I have had an equal amount of lock-ups on OpenSuSE as well as Windows. Some Days Windows is worse, but some days Linux is a nightmare.

Granted, I probably could update some hardware and try things again, but I doubt Linux is going to take over my life. I remember I spent a good week trying to get Novell Desktop to load on a Dell CPx and couldn't because it kept mis-detecting the Video Card Drivers.

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by apotheon In reply to I disagree

Are they system lock-ups, or just lock-ups of a given application? Is your X Server locking up due to a misconfiguration?

Is it a hardware problem?

Whatever it is, unless you've done something really damaging to the system, it's unlikely that the whole system is locking up -- which means you should be able to selectively kill off problem processes from a TTY console and get back to work.

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by Jalapeno Bob In reply to Linux? Desktop?

Where I am working now, a Texas regional MHMR center, we are currently deploying openSuSE as a replacement for Windows users who telnet into an obsolete AIX box. They have only a few problems doing without MS Outlook for e-mail. None of them use the CRM features of Outlook, so they don't miss those features. OpenOffice is close enough to MS Office that there have been no complaints, except that the standard stationary was not available - that was an easy fix. One thing they do appreciate is the large number of built-in games (Yes, I installed all the games! Heh, heh ... I figured it would help with user acceptance.) The formerly AIX applications now run faster because 1) the new PC's are much faster than the AIX box 2) the applications are local with new graphical interfaces (TCL/tk is great for creating interfaces to legacy software) 3) the database they are using in now a MS SQL server - so, the db itself is much more responsive. In general, it has been a success so far. Ask me again, in about 6 months...

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You should check out the European Union and German depts

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Has anyone deployed Linux ...

For about a year I've been buying various Linux magazines, to get the DVD's with the distributions to try them out. And I remember reading one article near the start of the year about the various European Union and German government departments and agencies that were running different variations of Linux. I think it was an issue of Linux Format, a UK publication, not sure.

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Re: Has anyone deployed Linux to the desktop?

by forhire In reply to Has anyone deployed Linux ...

I primarily use Debian on a desktop and laptop. There are various tools available for large scale deployments, such as Kickstart on Redhat distros or Fully Automated Installer (FAI) on Debian. You can create a standard image and dd/cpio/tar it to a new system. If you do that, just modify the vfstab if needed, install the boot loader (GRUB or LILO), configure your network settings, and you're pretty much done.

Linux on the desktop has been stable and problem free compared with the various hassles I used to have with Win95/98.

For most internet usage, it works great. For applications, Openoffice or Abiword are very usable as an MS-Office replacement. Anything that requires java can run with Sun's java for Linux. Debian has packages to do most anything you need, unless it is a specific Windows program.

I've also setup Linux based desktops for new computer users. The nice thing about that is they are limited in the amount of damage they can do. Viruses and such are less of an issue.

System Administration and Security information

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Try both

by dstephens3 In reply to Re: Has anyone deployed L ...

I have two Operating systems on my desktop and laptop. I have installed Xandros OS with Crossover. On start up you can choose to use the Xandros OS or Windows. With the Crossover program you can use all your Windows files while on the Linux system.

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