Has anyone determined why IE8 blocks "target=_blank"?

By D-Ram ·
IE8 on Windows 7 Pro 32bit:
Known issue that clicking on a link in a web page designated "target=_blank" fails to open as well as right click and "Open in new window" fails. I have read more posts than I can count on this subject but folks always seem to get an answer that is irrelevant to the issue.
Also found that after installing IE8 on Win XP SP2 and SP3 SolidWorks will no longer function unless logged in as Admin.

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Just a couple of thoughts regarding your question...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Has anyone determined why ...

As yours is a multi-part question, my reply will also be. The manner in which both of these questions are framed appears to question the reliability of IE8 or at least appears to query a response as to whether or not anyone else would agree that IE8 might be the cause of either or both problems across machines. In a word, my response to that would be, no. Allow me to preface why I even thought I might offer any sort of valuable input into this at all. I will generally refrain from any posts beyond my skillset, and I find flaming wars to be far more time-consuming than I care to indulge. I do have a couple of things, very basic, that may seem trivial but as they were not addressed in your post, must still be isolated.

Regarding the "target=_blank" problem regarding IE8. Aside from the possibility of exploits, 2 things come to mind as to why IE8 may be blocking this. One being a popup blocker. These often restrict opening other pages regardless of the type without doing so in a verbose manner. Hold the <ctrl> button down before right-clicking and see if it opens that way. Also, generally, IE8 doesn't open new tabs or pages to a blank page, though it can be setup to do so. The path to do so is as follows...
Tools (in file menu)/ Internet Options/ Change how web pages are displayed in tabs Settings/ Then at the first pull down button within the settings page there is an option to open new tabs to a blank page.
Your post makes no mention of whether or not you experience the same thing across other browsers. Are you limited to IE8 as your only browser? If so, why?

As for Solidworks not opening on XP with SP2 or SP3 unless logged in as Admin, you are experiencing one of the very fundamental differences in XP and Vista or 7. Quite frankly, very little of anything in XP will run without being in an Adminstrator account. Unfortunate as that may seem, it is a fact that all XP users have come to live with and accept.

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Reponse To Answer

by D-Ram In reply to Just a couple of thoughts ...

Let me amend; the opening of a link that is scripted to open in a new window (target="blank") has been tested on multiple machines and different browsers, the machines with IE7 function as expected but once upgraded to IE8 it no longer does however choosing to open in new tab opens the link. Popup blocker has been disabled in options as well as under the advance tab.

As for the SolidWorks issue, this too appears IE8 related. SolidWorks functioned normally for the user for two years on XP SP2 and then SP3 until IE8 was installed. After installing IE8 Solidworks opens for the user but then immediately closes unless using the "run as" command as admin.
Also you can install programs on an XP machine and allow all or certain users to run it, this should be done when you install the program, I've not installed a program for my users yet which this did not work.

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I completely misread your scenario...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Has anyone determined why ...

regarding XP, the way I understood it was that Solidworks failed to work with XP after installing SP2. Indeed XP will run as you stated. Excuse my blunder there, please.

Still, to me, the first thing that comes to mind regarding this problem is the question of why even use IE8? I for one, am not real happy with SP3. Seems to be a tossup as to whether or not the given machine it is being installed on will even work once installed. And even if it does work, it almost invariably slows the machine down considerably. I interject this simply to express mine and many other administrators experiences with it. I sense you are one of us who feels a bit "defeated" when unable to resolve these sort of problems as opposed to sidestepping it. I certainly do not mean any disrespect whatsoever in saying that either. However, there are a multitude of browser choices easily as suitable as IE8 for browsing, most of them being even more secure than MS Internet Explorer.

I imagine that a workstation utilizing Solidworks is one you don't want down for a very long period of time. As XP is very near EOL, there is a strong likelihood that a workaround may be in order.

I am sure that I probably have not stated anything here that you aren't already acutely aware of. But soon, others will be reading your post and I am quite confident you have asked in the correct forum. Good luck with it. I will be listening in to determine the resolution myself.

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IE 7 and IE 8 are really not fully compatible with XP . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Has anyone determined why ...

they are "backports" of vista & win7 code,

and as you've found out
they break stuff (due to IE OS integration)

also from what I can find on "g" searching
"Target=________" (any element : blank, self, etc.)
has been, or is in the process of being "deprecated"
which could explain why IE8 doesn't appear to want to support it

while other browsers continue to support deprecated HTML to avoid "breaking the web"
it's a double edged sword

if all current browsers completely dropped support for all deprecated HTML code
over %50 of the web sites would stop functioning correctly

not everyone has the time and / or funds to wholesale update their web pages to current standards (which are not standards at all because they keep changing them)

the other problem that could / would occur is users would stop updating their browsers and continue to use "previous versions" so that they could continue to visit sites built around previous HTML code

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Unfortunatelty Who...

by D-Ram In reply to Has anyone determined why ...

Some outfits jumped the gun and have already created websites with data that requires IE8 which is why this particular machine was "upgraded" and I also noticed the Win7 Pro machines cannot uninstall IE8 to allow installing IE7.

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