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has anyone else had any wondrous experience with ECS branded graphics card

By .Martin. ·
ok, got home today, and my displays won't turn on. my thoughts: great, not again.

this all started 11 months ago when I bought a new computer, that was my first mistake. 6 months later, after leaving the computer running a few hours, I go to use it, and the screens won't display anything. open up the case, find out the fan on the GPU ain't spinning. send it away to get fixed, two months later, I get a replacement card.

jump forward three months, and it has done it again (I believe, same symptoms of an overheating GPU, but I haven't had time to open the case to check it out). I opened the case about a week ago, and there was absolutely no dust in/on/under the fan.

so I would like to know, have any of you had any experience with ECS? is it a junky brand or do I have real bad luck (someone once told me on TR that I must be getting my parts from a gun range... I'm starting to believe them.)

the card is an ECS 1GB 9800GT.



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RE: have any of you had any experience with ECS?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to has anyone else had any w ...

I have only ever worked on one computer with a ECS M'Board and that was a complete disaster.

Back in the days of the 1,200 MHZ P3 and this was a Celeron CPU and a All in 1 M'Board.

Not only was it pitiful at running Windows but it failed at least 3 times that I know of in the first 6 months. I got sick and tired of fixing the silly thing even though I was getting paid to fix it I was wasting my time and effort as I would get a Replacement M'Board in about 2 weeks and then several weeks latter it would be as dead as last decades Mutton.

No I didn't make this system it was sold to the owner as a Cheaper and Better Alternative to requiring a M'Board and a Video Card and a Sound Card. The On Board LAN wasn't being used by it's owner but when ever I had it that was painfully slow as well. In the end instead of constantly reloading this one system I just made a Slipstreamed Disc of the Original OS Drivers and base Software. Saved heaps of time and effort reloading it but when the M'Board died it quite often damaged the HDD Partition so the data was lost as it's owner didn't want to pay me to recover it. At first I thought it was because of the crappy PS in the unit but even after that was replaced with a Antec one it made no difference to how long the M'Board would last. I haven't touched any of their products since.

I hope that helps you Martin.


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that's what i was expecting

by .Martin. In reply to RE: [i]have any of you ha ...

I'm thinking of disregarding the rest of the warrenty on the card, and looking at a new card.

Possibly ASUS or Gigabyte, any suggestions?

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ECS and other manufacturers

by Charvell In reply to that's what i was expecti ...

While I'm not directly familiar with ECS, I did some research on what they offer and I would recommend staying away from them. Most likely they are a CM (contract manufacturing) plant that manufactures graphics cards with different specs for different customers, and they use this to leverage their ability to buy the chips and manufacture their own brand of cards and cheaply as possible to sell for a rather high profit margin while undercutting the rest of the market. There are other such CMs, TUL being one of the most notorious (I used to work for a graphics card company).

As far as suggestions it really depends on what chip you want to use.

Nvidia: XFX the 900lbs gorilla of Nvidia cards. EVGA is also pretty good. BFG tends to have more quality issues, and PNY has a small and somewhat unreliable retail graphics offering so I'd stay away from both for consumer/retail cards. PNY does do the QUADRO cards very well, which are marketed towards businesses (particularly for CAD drafting).

ATI: Sapphire is the 900lbs gorilla of ATI cards, VisionTek is a pretty good company and are completely US based. Diamond is also pretty good and is US based. The only knock I've heard on Sapphire is their support can take a long time since they are in asia (i think signapore). I don't have much experience is ASUS, although I believe their support is also not in the US.

I tend to stay away from Gigabyte for several reasons. 1) they manufacture both ATI and Nvidia cards and I have yet to find a manufacturer that does that and produces quality product. 2) the use passive cooling on cards that have no business being passively cooled.

Sorry for the mini-disertation on this, I condenced it as much as possible (I could easily go on for pages and pages since this is an industry I know pretty well).

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lots of info is good

by .Martin. In reply to ECS and other manufacture ...

would prefer too much, than not enough

I'm probably looking at an Nvidia card, and was considering XFX.


oh, and if I could, you get a thumbs up

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Well my personal preference

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to that's what i was expecti ...

Is for Everything Gigabyte. I love their M'Boards they are the best that I have ever used so in my biased stance I would recommend Gigabyte.

In the past I got a couple of A Bit Video Cards that caused heaps of problems. Some just wouldn't allow the M'Board to start running while others couldn't display anything better than VGA Mode. Of course this was all down to incompatibilities with the M'Board Chip Set but I did try another Video Card from a Different Maker but the same Chip Set as the A Bit one and it worked perfectly.

With NVidia I've had problems where the Chip Sets have carked it in the past and as NVidia still hasn't made any annulment about the Faulty or maybe better put Poorly Designed Chips that they do not have the money to replace yet I'm cautious of expecting anything from them when it comes to a real warranty.

But maybe that's just me.


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ended up getting a Gigabyte card

by .Martin. In reply to Well my personal preferen ...

ATi HD 5770 to be exact.

other than having a bit of a struggle to install the card (I have a tool-less case) and the drivers not wanting to install from the CD, it has been good.

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Martin that's like saying

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ended up getting a Gigaby ...

Other than the fact that the patient died on the table the operation was a success. :^0 :^0

Had trouble fitting it to the case and couldn't easily install the drivers sounds as if you had to fight it all the way.


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although with me, nobody died... yet.

by .Martin. In reply to Martin that's like saying

it was a (little) bit of a battle, but once I won, it was all good

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Who is ECS?

by seanferd In reply to has anyone else had any w ...

I'm off to look them up.

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