Has anyone else had Fortiguard mysteriously added to their computers?

By brebtmedical ·
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We do not have a IT tech here at my work, and I seem to be the one with the most computer knowledge, so.....I am the go-to Tech support around here. We have 4 men (2 are the owners of this company) who attend a lot of gun trades shows and do some buying and selling, so they look at gun websites for gun value reasons. Yesterday, one of the guys was able to view any and all of them without problem. Today, every computer in the building is getting popped with a Fortiguard block, on those sites and even some of our distributions sites that we get our supplies from. I have tried to follow all of the "How to get rid of Fortiguard" blogs out there, with NO success. We did not authorize this Fortiguard crap to be on our computers. How do we get it off when it doesn't even show on any C: drive to even be there?
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Re: Fortiguard

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Has anyone else had Forti ...

I never heard of it, but a little bit of googling seems to say it's a security product from a company called Fortinet. Probably their software doesn't trust the sites you and your colleagues visit.

If you don't like what they do, see if you can uninstall it from Control Panel>Programs and Features. If not, see if you can go back to a System Restore point yesterday. If not, see if you can go back to your latest image backup.

If no luck, and you don't like to do a clean install of Windows, try their contact options on .

And, yes, it's a mystery how it was installed. Usually, malware installs itself (with or without your permission), but anti-malware programs don't. So that's kind of strange. Let's see if there are other members with the same issue.

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It appears this can protect Web Servers.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Has anyone else had Forti ...

Nod to

As such it may not actually be installed on your computers but rather the web servers.

I do encounter folk that write as you do but in the end it was never something on their PC but rather something on the web site or server.

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by brebtmedical In reply to It appears this can prote ...

Thank you, both, for your replies. Yes, it may be on the web site or server end. I will check with our Internet providers and see.

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