Has anyone else had usb flash drive/thumb drive issues like this?

By fauxfire27 ·
hello, please excuse me if i have posted this improperly, but i was wondering if anyone has had a similar problems with their usb thumb/flashdrives in windows 7 when i insert my thumbdrive i get the standard "windows is installing the drivers for this usb device" message but after wards i get a message that says "Device driver was not successfully installed" i clicked it for more details and found a message that says" please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed. sandisk cruzer micro usb device failed" at first i thought it was my USB drive but i checked other USB drives and computers running windows xp, vista, and 7 the problem only happens on computers running windows 7. please help me i'm running a dell xps 1640 with windows 7 64 bit if you need more information to help please let me know what it is. thank you

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Did you, in fact, check with Sansa?

by seanferd In reply to Has anyone else had usb f ...

7 is a new OS, and probably has issues with the software installed on the Cruzer. Look for an update from Sansa. Or you can remove the software/reformat the Cruzer as a plain USB storage device and it should work just fine.

One last thing (or first thing) to check - were you using the Administrator account to install this? It may be necessary.

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by fauxfire27 In reply to Did you, in fact, check w ...

it seems that i have stumbled upon a "temporary" fix. when i left my sandisk usb drive in during a restart the computer seemed to recognize the thumb drive and now i have full access to it in my computer as well as in devices and printers. (to seanferd) no i did not check with sansa but i will now that you have suggested it :) thank you verrrry much :) i will update again with more information as i do.

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Ah, the old 'reboot Windows' trick.

by seanferd In reply to UPDATE!

I'm glad it is working now - perhaps the failure was for some of the more advanced features of the device, so I would check if there is updated software (or just instructions) for using the Cruzer with 7.

Hope it keeps working well for you. :)

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