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Has anyone ever used a router as a file server?

By DanLM ·
During discussions at work, I had the privilege of talking to a fellow geek(the more I can make it do the better type) and we started talking about file servers. He runs a system at home that use's a router and the firmware tomato This caught my interest because I do have a spare router floating around. Unfortunately, it is not in the list of supported routers for tomato.

But this intrigues me for a couple reasons. I can't imagine the power requirements being as much as say my amd 2000 box. The only job this does is what you tell it to do. Shoot, I can even see this as a really nice firewall solution if the firmware supports ipw firewalls. Id love to be able to implement a cheep firewall solution in front of my wireless router. And if I could ssh into the router(which he says you can), I could use winsscp to transfer my master blacklists to the firewall.

For file server purposes:
1). Your drives would be connected via usb... If the router doesn't accept usb, you can get adapters.
2). You can setup file shares just like you would do in samba.
3). The router would have its own ip address, because I would take it it is hanging off another router.

This truly intrigues me... If I didn't have a file server already set up, I would go buy one of these routers to try this. Still might to be truthful, and make my bsd box a total test machine.


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Has to be some open source thing to work like this. Cool concept though

by ManiacMan In reply to Has anyone ever used a ro ...

You're not going to call me racist or bigot I hope for that statement? Oh wait, I think you may have to because Beth is expecting me to maintain my reputation as one :^0

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lol, naaa....

by DanLM In reply to Has to be some open sourc ...

Even when I don't like what people say here... I refuse to get caught up in it anymore....

I'm here because I truely like the people here... Also, if you pick and choose the topics... I don't have to become so irritable/assine in the way I respond.

Chuckle, in other words... I hope nobody knows when I think they are this or that... I want to try and keep my negative thoughts to myself anymore... Just not worth it.

Besides, it really is much more enjoyable here if you don't get ticked off.

And by the way, I don't think your a bigot anymore... Just have to reread your posts sometimes to realize where your comeing from.
Sorry for accusing you.


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I never was one and on the contrary, I poke fun at such people

by ManiacMan In reply to lol, naaa....

because the irony in this makes good material for humor (e.g. Al Sharpton). I'm a sucker for humor and jokes, but in no way am I a racist, bigot, boogeyman, etc...LOL. I try to make jokes in which I give objects human personas and mimic reality. Imagine the humor in watching two firewalls go at it over blacklisting and whitelisting like Al Sharpton and Don Imus accusing one another of being racists...LOL. If that isn't funny, I don't know what is.

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Nice to see you back

by Michael Jay In reply to lol, naaa....

In fact very good to see you back Dan.

Not too sure about using a router as a server but you should get your avatar or another avatar back up.

Just a thought.


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baaa, I posted below... Really have to pay attention

by DanLM In reply to Nice to see you back

There ya go... An aviator... Not as off the wall as scooby doo, but considering the boinc projects I contriubte too are about space(seti/einstein)... Lol, it has me as way out there... So, its appropiate.


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Thanks Dan

by Michael Jay In reply to baaa, I posted below... R ...

It looks much better that the default.

And thanks for being there.

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by santeewelding In reply to Has to be some open sourc ...

You are genuinely likable, at times.

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Come on, I'm likable all the time. I'm a clown..everyone likes clowns

by ManiacMan In reply to Title

unless that clown is John Gacey, the serial murderer.

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chuckle, I tried to point at my seti stats png and it didnt work

by DanLM In reply to Title

I wonder if thats why it didnt work, because of the file format.

I have a url that I can point to that always has my latest seti/einstein stats displayed and I was hoping to use that for my avitor...

Maybe ill use the seti giff... I always try to promote that.


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