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Has anyone ever worked with Burleson Consulting?

By kevaburg ·
I'm curious. I'm working on quite a large Oracle project at the moment and there are a lot of questions I don't have the answers to, so what do I do? I ask Aunty Google and what does she do? She gives me a list of sites offering solutions and more often than not, Burleson Consulting is at the top of the list.

It wouldn't be so bad but when I read what is written there it seems to be copied and pasted from another solution from another site lower down my Google list. Search for another question and the same thing happens.

Going to the website itself seems to imply a highly professional company with some manically weird dress codes!

Have a rummage around the site for yourself. They want people with 20 years experience with degrees from competitive universities (at least they might have been competitve 20 years ago), women aren't allowed to wear skirt suits, well, see for yourself, the list just goes on.

But despite the things Mr Burleson writes about himself and his company, it's difficult to find anyone that actively uses his services.

Has anyone here used his company, and for me, more interestingly, would you work for him?

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The telling point for me

by NickNielsen In reply to Has anyone ever worked wi ...

Why does he not have a list of satisfied customers?

Or is there no possible way to be satisfied with Oracle?

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Had to smile.....

by kevaburg In reply to The telling point for me

....I actually enjoy working with Oracle (although their installation and software removal routines are abysmal, and don't even get me started on Grid Control....) but this guy seems to use answers from other websites on his forums.

And maybe you are right.....not having a list of satisified customers/clients is one **** of a tell!

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Had a look

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Has anyone ever worked wi ...

and decided to run the other way. I would personally avoid, just my opinion.

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by kevaburg In reply to Had a look

Somehow it just doesn't look legitimate. I just don't understand what the purpose of the website might be if it really isn't a serious business....

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That's what

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Ditto

you pay them to find out
And may be, not much else... who knows?

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Isn't this sort of thing what LinkedIn is suited for? No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Has anyone ever worked wi ...

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