Has anyone had problems with Windows 7 and yahoo?

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Even with my popup blocker turned off, Windows 7 will not let me use my contact list at yahoo mail. My contact list will pop up, but will be blank and won't load. Also, I downloaded sitebuilder and my website from yahoo and I can open it and make changes, but cannot save the changes for my site. I keep getting an error message. Help! I'm still having to use 3 computers to accomplish everything.

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What is the error message here?

by OH Smeg In reply to Has anyone had problems w ...

What is the version of 7 you are using? 32 or 64 Bit and Enterprise, Ultimate or so on?

Here many Telco's just do not have 7 drivers for their Net Connections so their clients who use 7 are not accessing a Modem, E-Mail or Yahoo Accounts.

If that is of any help.


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And if 64-bit, with 64-bit IE

by seanferd In reply to What is the error message ...

you may have endless problems with anything involving Flash.

Compatibility mode may help with other issues.

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by admin In reply to What is the error message ...

At the time I posted this, I had uninstalled my sitebuilder program, so am not sure exactly what the error message said. I am going to re-install it and if I get the same error message I will post it. Thank you for your help

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by tj068 In reply to Has anyone had problems w ...

Please help! this is so irritating!

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Start Your Own Question, Please

by IC-IT In reply to Me TOO!

That way should you get a solution you may desire to mark it as helpful. This allows others with the same issue to try the solution.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Start Your Own Question, ...

I'm having an idiot day.

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So Boxy what you are trying to say is

by OH Smeg In reply to Deleted.

It's the day after the night before right?

Someone told me about that but I have no first hand experience as I'm just so Nice. But at least did you enjoy yourself?

Col 0:-)

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Thank you

by admin In reply to Has anyone had problems w ...

I finally figured out how to allow certain popups through trial and error, so to speak. Instead of going to "Safety", on my tool bar, I go to the little window icon, next to the anti-spy icon and can choose which popups to allow.

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