Has Anyone managed to get the ATI TV wodner 650 to work wit Windows 7

By humphnor ·
I am running a Core II DUO with 4gb ram and 750gb HDD. I have a USB ATI TV Wonder card that worked fine with Vista. However I have tried to use it on a 32bit and a 64bit Windows 7 system and the driver has compatibility issues. So it is not recognized by Windows Media Center.

I have installed the Catalyst program and tried to use the old Vista drivers without success. Has anyone got their ATI TV wonder to work?

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Have you tried just plugging it in without a Driver ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Has Anyone managed to get ...

One of the, quite frankly odd quirks about Windows 7, is its inate ability to cater for all manner of devices without necessarily installing bespoke drivers first.

Windows 7 has accepted my Canon printer, Canon scanner, and my Logitech webcam and 3D force-feedback joystick - ALL just by plugging each in.

Windows 7 then shot off into the internet ON ITS OWN and found whichever driver suited each accessory in turn.

Microsoft call this procedure 'Device Stage' and each device is allocated its own Taskbar Icon, complete with Jumplist included. Once the driver is installed, each device gets its own Device Stage - a screen devoted to that specific device.

The AMD site has a Windows 7 BETA driver for the All-in-Wonder 650, but only for the PCI device - not the USB version.

Edit for clarity.

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I'm impressesd.

by seanferd In reply to Have you tried just plugg ...

Worked that well, did it? I just have stock Intel stuff with basically no peripherals, so driver support was not something I got to test at all with 7.

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Oddly there's no M$ mention of doing it that way ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I'm impressesd.

If anyone gets the credit, it should be the Laphroaig Distillery.

A couple of large single malts and I plugged my Canon printer in without running the install routine first. The resulting 'swearing at myself for being so stupid' subsided into stunned awe as Windows 7 went off and did its thing, without so much as pop-up complaint.

I've since read about this very same thing (without any mention of single malts!) in various computer trade magazines, including the UK edition of 'PC Pro'.


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how to install tv Wonder

by power_peee In reply to Has Anyone managed to get ...

Through trial and error I was able to install it right you have to go to your device manager and direct it towards the extracted vista drivers which should install it.

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Well according to AMD the ATI Owners

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has Anyone managed to get ...

They do not support this device under Windows 7 in any form.

If you look on their Driver Download Site here

They list the All In Wonder Drivers for XP, XP 64 Bit, Vista 32 & 64 Bit but No Windows 7 Drivers.

There are several items that work quite well under Vista that are simply not supported under 7 and a quick check of the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser would have confirmed weather or not this device would work with 7.

I have several different Web Cams that simply Do Not work with 7 that work with XP and Vista.

You should always check with the Upgrade Adviser before changing the OS or if you have it already installed you need to check with the Hardware Maker and for ATI that is Advanced Micro Devices the CPU maker.


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ATI 550 installed with different capture device

by hdjdf In reply to Well according to AMD the ...

I installed Win7 ultimate 64 bit knowing my ATI PCI 550 tv tuner wasnt supported, win7 does find it (sort of)device manager id's it under sound, video and game controllers, its an analog tuner but I only use it as a pass through for my digital satellite signal using the composite connection, I had to search around but found AMCAP
dl'd the demo version, worked fine, purchased the licensed version and still works, note the video seems to get slightly out of sync with the audio, but works! I beleive I dl'd the vista 64 bit driver only prior to installing AMCAP

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power pee's advice works

by Duglarri In reply to Has Anyone managed to get ...

I used his method- "Through trial and error I was able to install it right you have to go to your device manager and direct it towards the extracted vista drivers which should install it." - to get an ATI All-In-Wonder working using Windows 7.

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